Robin Masters: Ashley Cranks & Revs the Cutlass Barefoot

Robin Masters: Ashley Cranks & Revs the Cutlass Barefoot

February 15th, 2015

She has trouble starting up this little old car but when she does get it started, she punishes it by revving it hard with just her bare feet!

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  1. Robin Masters: Ashley Crank & Rev The Olds Cutlass S / Black Flip Flops & Barefoot / 1080I WMV HD

    It’s a nice sunny day. Robin Masters is going to have Ashley try and start the Olds Cutlass judging by how much trouble she’s having getting it to start either it’s temperamental cold starting the first time in the morning or it hadn’t been started up in a wile. Ashley is wearing a black tank top, blue shorts /w blue & red strips, black flip flops, barefoot.

    Ashley gets in the Cutlass she kicks off her flip flops she tries to get the engine to turn over at first she doesn’t prime the carburetor by pumping the gas pedal, after the first try she primes the carburetor and pumps the gas pedal trying to get the engine to start, she gets mad at the Cutlass at first for not starting she keeps at it, it looks like Ashley wears either a size 7 or a 71/2 shoe either way she has sexy feet as she pumps the gas pedal. Robin Masters is getting a mixture of upper body and some really great footwell video from the front passenger seat as Ashley tries to get the Olds to start.

    After a little over a minute Ashley gets the engine started she revs it good teaching it a lesson for not starting for her she revs it good for the rest of the video. Robin Masters also gets video from the drivers side with the drivers door window rolled down all the way as Ashley revs the engine. It looks like Ashley tries to do a brake stand where the car is parked I could be wrong on that as she continues to rev the engine. Ashley is finished revving the engine she shuts off the engine and gets out of the cutlass and walks back into the house. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Ashley gets out of the Cutlass and walks around the rear of the car and walks back into the house. The End.

    Ashley you did a great crank and rev video in the Cutlass your feet look sexy in both flip flops and barefoot. Robin you did a great job shooting this video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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