Asia Cranks & Tries Moving the Volvo in Thigh High Boots

Asia Cranks & Tries Moving the Volvo in Thigh High Boots

March 2nd, 2012

Asia has her hands full and feet in full swing during this clip.  She has to battle with starting the Volvo and keeping it running while trying to back it up out of it’s parking spot.  The ground is a bit damp and covered in pine straw, so it’s pretty slick and makes the wheels spin, giving that nice reversing whine sound.  She has to talk to herself to keep her composure as the car stalls often.  This girl can work a stick nicely but can she finesse it enough to get keep the Volvo running long enough to get it unstuck?

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  1. Asia Mixed In The Volvo / Red Thigh High Boots

    Asia is in the Volvo shes trying to back the Volvo up on the driveway that is if she can keep the engine running. Asia is wearing a black sweater dress, brown leggings, black leather gloves, red thigh high boots, the Volvo is in the dirt with trees and bushes around the Volvo.

    Sometimes Asia can get the engine started shes able to rev it really good when she puts the gear shift in reverse to back the Volvo up on the driveway the engine stalls on her thats when she has to do some cranking and pumping sometimes the engine will start right up other times it wont that’s when she has too crank it, the gas pedal comes off the pedal rod a few times each time Asia gets it back on.

    Asia has a hard time getting the Volvo on the driveway there’s a tree to the left shes careful not to hit it she gets close to the tree, for a couple of minutes she gets the Volvo stuck she opens the door to look back at the left rear tire to see how stuck she is, out of all the models that have gotten the Volvo stuck in the same area Asia gets the Volvo unstuck pretty fast with some models it takes almost a two part series for them to get the Volvo on the driveway if even then.

    Shish is in the back seat with a hand-held camcorder getting whole body shots as well as her red thigh high boots,one thing is for sure Asia is not timid in pumping the gas pedal when it needs pumping it doesn’t take her that long to get the engine started after stalling shes pretty good at rocking the Volvo by the end of the video shes within about five feet of getting the Volvo on the driveway.

    A little later in the video Shish gets out of the Volvo he gets some video through the front passenger window, he also gets video from the right side of the Volvo as Asia is trying to get the Volvo unstuck he also walks around to the drivers side getting a whole shot of the Volvo you also see the hole that Asia dug herself in, you also see smoke coming out of the exhaust as Asia floors the gas pedal rocking it back and forth.

    Throughout the video Asia talks to herself almost the entire video with that beautiful southern accent of hers as shes trying to get the Volvo unstuck, shes making pretty good progress.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Asia is still trying to get the Volvo unstuck shes really close to getting the Volvo on the driveway shes not giving up.

    Asia you did a great video trying to get the Volvo unstuck you didn’t let the Volvo gt the est of you, for those of you who love red thigh high boots your going to like these red thigh boots that Asia is wearing. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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