Aubrey Drive Monte Carlo – #228

Aubrey Drive Monte Carlo – #228

January 13th, 2012

In this custom, you’re along for a ride in the Monte Carlo with Aubrey.  She’s pissed and in a hurry.  She lights up a cigarette and takes off!  She goes speeding through the backroads, punching the gas when she can but the slow ass folks on the road are making it difficult.  She finally gets tired of you being in the car with her and kicks you out on the side of the street and leaves you in the dust.

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  1. Aubrey Driving The Monte-Carlo / Brown Wedge Sandals / WMV HD / Custom # 228

    Aubrey is doing a custom video driving the Monte-Carlo shes wearing a multi colored tank top, denim shorts, brown wedge sandals, black toenail polish. Aubrey gets in the Monte-Carlo she starts and warms the engine up a little bit wile its warming up she takes out a cigarette she takes out some matches she lites one it goes out she lites another one she lites her cigarette before she does that she rolls down the window about half way.

    Now that Aubrey has lit her cigarette she puts the gear shift in reverse so she back up a little bit so she can get out through the driveway she gets a little bit to far out on the street she backs up a little bit so she doesn’t get hit by a car coming down the street, Aubrey makes a right turn goes down the street a little bit to a stop sign she makes a left turn she guns the engine she gets the Monte-Carlo going pretty fast from time to time she hits bottle necks in traffic where people are going to slow this makes Aubrey mad shes sitting at a red light she says” come on slow asses!!!”

    Aubrey isn’t exactly what you would call patient she wants to floor the Monte-Carlo so bad she can taste it, Aubrey makes a left turn she tries a couple of times to floor the Monte-Carlo traffic is still a little heavy to where Aubrey can’t really go fast as much as she would like. Shish is getting great video hes getting upper body and footwell shots of Aubrey’s feet as she works the gas and brake pedals, when Aubrey is able to floor it shes having a good time doing it who ever ordered this custom I hope you like it so far this a great video, after about a minute Aubrey turns the Monte-Carlo around on a neighborhood street and heads back to the house.

    From time to time traffic is still heavy at some intersections Aubrey is able to gun the engine and go fast from time to time. Aubrey says” come on traffic get the f#ck out of my way!!” as she tries to gun the engine to go fast on some of these mountain roads as shes driving back to the house, Aubrey turns down the street of the house she stops in front of the house and tells her passenger to get the f#ck out of my car!!!!

    Her passenger gets out as fast as he can almost landed on his head because he got out so fast Aubrey guns the engine she tears down the street really fast.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Aubrey floors it the rear tires squeals shes going down the street like somebody is after her. The End.

    Aubrey you did a great driving video your feet in those sandals they sure look sexy in them. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!

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