Aubrey Starts Up the Coronet in the Rain

Aubrey Starts Up the Coronet in the Rain

April 21st, 2013

The Coronet isn’t a big fan of rainy days.  Aubrey uncovers the car just enough so she can get in it.  She then starts working the process to get it started.  The car sputters at first and then fires up but when she’s seeing if it’ll idle on it’s own, it dies.

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  1. Aubrey Starting The Coronet In The Rain / Brown Leather Boots

    It’s raining outside Aubrey is going to see if she can get the Coronet to start, with the humidity being so high the Coronet can be a bitch to start. Aubrey is wearing a denim long sleeve jacket, white dress, brown leather boots.

    Shish is getting a wide angle shot as Aubrey is walking from the wooden deck too the Coronet, she’s carrying a red umbrella with gray checkers. There’s a car cover over the Coronet Aubrey lifts only part of the cover that’s over the drivers side just enough so Aubrey can get in, she opens the door she gets in and closes the umbrella and puts it on the passenger seat besides her, she closes the door.

    Aubrey rolls down the window on the drivers door, she tries to put the key in the ignition, she has a little bit of trouble she gets the ignition key in she turns the key the engine starts for a few seconds and dies on her. Aubrey can’t believe it she’s talking to herself through out the video, wile Shish is getting mostly whole body shots and some footwell shots.

    Now Aubrey is cranking and pumping the engine doesn’t so much as sputter or cough or tease her for about the first three minutes, the engine almost catches it didn’t turn over Aubrey tries again. The engine starts she keeps the rpms up for about half a minute, she tries too let the engine idle that was a mistake because the engine died on her. Aubrey can’t believe it.

    Before the engine died Shish opened the drivers door he’s now getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots. Aubrey goes back to cranking and pumping the Coronet it takes close too two more minutes to get the engine to start, it teases her at least one time before it starts, she revs it good she keeps the rpms up for close to a minute before it dies on her she goes back to cranking and pumping.

    It takes Aubrey about another minute to get the Coronet to start, she revs it really good for about 30 or so seconds, she lets off the gas this time the engine will idle, barely so far it running for now.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Aubrey has taken her foot off the gas pedal the engine is idling she gets out and closes the drivers door. The End.

    Aubrey you did a great crank and rev video in the Coronet, you didn’t let the Coronet get too you, you won the battle and got the engine too start, for those of you who like brown leather boots your going to like these boots.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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