Barb Cranks, Stalls & Revs the Monte Carlo – #310

Barb Cranks, Stalls & Revs the Monte Carlo – #310

May 30th, 2013

This custom video is of Barb taking the Monte Carlo for a drive but we all know that it’s never just an uneventful trip in the old Monte.  She’s wearing some brown leather thong sandals at first as she’s starting up the car.  It takes her some tries before it fires and stays running.  She uses the ‘two foot’ method of driving and after we’ve gone a bit down the road, she takes her sandals off while keeping the car moving.  She hits a side road to turn around and encounters a bit of trouble when the car stalls.  No biggie, she just works the process of getting the car started with her sexy petite feet with bright pink toenail polish.  She gets it started but stalls it at the stop sign, almost running out into traffic!  Again, she works it to get it going and heads back home, she’s had enough! lol

This was the very first video we did with her and didn’t give her any coaching at all.  She jumped right into this custom video without missing a beat!

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  1. Barb Mixed In The Monte-Carlo Brown Sandals & Barefoot / 1080i WMV HD / Custom #303

    Barb is going for a drive in the Monte-Carlo she’s walking from the house she gets in the Monte-Carlo she’s wearing a pink hoodie, denim jeans, brown leather sandals, pink toe nail polish, barefoot. Barb puts her left foot on the brake pedal, At first as she tries to get the Monte-Carlo to start she stops cranking for a few seconds she puts the gearshift in reverse the Monte-Carlo rolls back a little bit , she slams on the brakes with her left foot to stop from going backwards.

    Barb puts the gearshift back in park she goes back to cranking and pumping the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal, the way she is pumping the gas pedal she presses the gas pedal all the way to the floor as she’s pumping it takes her about half a minute to get the engine to start, for the Monte-Carlo that’s fast. I think what Barb did was when she presses the gas pedal all the way down to the floor she might have cleared out enough excess gas out of the carburetor for the engine to start , when the engine started the engine roared to life she let off the gas some.

    The camera fades. I don’t know for how long when it comes back on Barb puts the gearshift in reverse, she backs out of the driveway, as she’s backing out her left foot is on the brake pedal. This is the first video that Barb shot for PTP . Now that Barb has backed out of the driveway she’s on her way, through out most of the video her left foot is on the brake pedal, this is either the second or third model I’ve seen doing that. I wonder if she’s had any training driving a car professionally? (Just thinking out loud.)

    So far a nice drive after a few minutes wile she is driving she takes her brown sandals off her feet showing off her sexy bare-feet. Barb turns into what looks like a neighborhood culdesac, she turns around she’s about to go back the way she came when the engine stalls on her. Barb puts the gearshift in park she tries restarting the engine it takes her a little over a minute of cranking and pumping to get the engine to start backup.

    For this being Barb’s first video that she shot for PTP when the engine stalled on her she didn’t panic or freeze she just cranked and pumped the gas pedal until the engine started backup, from what Shish typed in the caption for this video Barb didn’t need any coaching at all. After Barb got the engine started backup she put the gearshift in drive she pulled up to a stop sign the engine stalled on her again, she was able to restart the engine fairly fast. Barb put the gearshift in drive so she can make a left turn.

    The engine stalled again Barb has to go back to cranking and pumping the engine sputtered and teased her, it takes her close to half a minute to get the engine to start backup. Now that Barb has the engine running there heading back to the house. Shish is in the backseat getting a mixture of whole body shots from the right side of her head all the way down t her feet as her feet work the pedals. Barb drives back to the house barefoot.

    The Monte-Carlo behaves itself on the way back to the house. Barb turns into the driveway she goes past the jeep wangoneer she parks next to the wooden deck witch is to her left.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Barb puts the gearshift in park and she shuts off the engine. The End.

    Barb for this being the first video you shot for PTP when the engine stalled on not once at least three times , you didn’t panic or freeze you did great video. I just love the pink toenail polish on your feet they look really sexy. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. For Barb’s first actual filmed vid for PTP she did a fantastic job! She looks to be such a cute young lady rather petite in size. Remember Barb that often big things come in small packages!! Barb is a gorgeous woman and the hot pink painted toenails and fingers nails perfectly matched her sweater. Barb learned first-hand that the Monte Carlo is capable of rearing its ugly head. Not only did Barb have difficulty starting up the car initially but during the ride it stalled out on her three times. And on each occasion Barb had to work at it, pumping the gas pedal with her bare right foot as she tried to get it restarted.

    Wow, with all of these great models recently added: Barb, Ellie Mae, Queen Red, Penny, (etc), it only elevates the anticipation of great vids for members to view in the immediate future. Add these super looking ladies to the core group of active models just makes it all worthwhile to check in at PTP on a daily basis. And, sometimes once per day simply is not enough!

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