Barbie Driving the Cadillac in Hot Pink Pumps – 1 of 4

Barbie Driving the Cadillac in Hot Pink Pumps – 1 of 4

January 25th, 2013

She’s got the keys to this old Caddy and looking all spunky, she takes it for a cruise.  It’s overcast but fortunately, no rain falls.  She drives the big old car up and down the roads, working the pedals in a pair of stiletto hot pink patent pumps and matching leggings.

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  1. Barbie Driving The 61 Cadillac/ Pink Stiletto Pumps / 1080i MP4 HD/ Clip 1 Of 4 / PIP

    Barbie is driving the 61 Cadillac in this four part series, shes wearing a black leather vinyl jacket,black and white stripe zebra top, pink leggings, pink stiletto pumps. As the video begins Barbie starts the Cadillac it fires up on the first try, there in a shopping center parking lot as Barbie backs out of the parking space you can see the Coronet in the background with the hood up.

    Shish is using two cameras one is mounted either on the dashboard or the windshield with a suction cup, that one is getting upper body shot from her head down to her knees, the other is a footwell shot only that one is PIP that one is getting some really great footwell video of Barbie’s feet in those pink stiletto pumps.

    Barbie makes a right turn from the shopping center parking lot, she stops at red lights it looks like she got on the freeway, she is having a good time driving a classic like the 61 Cadillac, with that big block V8 under the hood the 61 Cadillac could give any of the newer cars a good run for there money.

    The PIP in the upper right corner of the screen is getting great video of Barbie’s right foot as she works the gas and brake pedal, her feet look really sexy in those pink stiletto pumps.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Barbie is driving on the freeway, she has no trouble merging into traffic when she gets on the freeway.

    What will clip two bring us?: Where will Barbie go next?: We will have to wait and find out in clips two through four.

    Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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