Barbie Driving the Cadillac in Hot Pink Pumps – 2 of 4

Barbie Driving the Cadillac in Hot Pink Pumps – 2 of 4

February 20th, 2013

She’s got the keys to this old Caddy and looking all spunky, she takes it for a cruise.  It’s overcast but fortunately, no rain falls.  She drives the big old car up and down the roads, working the pedals in a pair of stiletto hot pink patent pumps and matching leggings.

One thought on “Barbie Driving the Cadillac in Hot Pink Pumps – 2 of 4”

  1. Barbie Driving The 61 Cadillac/ Pink Stiletto Pumps / 1080i MP4 HD/ Clip 2 Of 4 / PIP

    As we continue from clip one. Barbie is still driving the Cadillac PIP is still in the upper corner of the screen getting great footwell video of her right foot as she’s pressing down on the brake pedal to slow the beast down as she’s about to make a right turn, now that Barbie has turned right she goes down a street a ways before she turns into what looks like a parking lot of some short maybe a shopping center parking lot.

    Before she turns into the parking lot she sneezes one time, she seems to be having a good time driving the Cadillac. Barbie is driving through the shopping center parking lot. Shish says” lets get back on the road” Barbie turns the Cadillac around gets back on the road and heads back to the house.

    About the last minute of the video its all footwell video of Barbie’s right foot as she works both the brake and gas pedal.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Barbie turns into the driveway back at the house. What will clip three bring us will it be all footwell video? Or will be cameras from a different angle? We will have to wait and find out in clip three.

    Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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