Barbie Driving the ’61 Caddy in Torn Jeans & Boots

Barbie Driving the ’61 Caddy in Torn Jeans & Boots

September 20th, 2016

She takes the big Cadillac for a drive around town in some torn jeans, brown cowgirl boots and white sweater. Hard not to notice when she comes passing by!

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  1. Barbie Driving 1961 Cadillac Around Town / Torn Jeans & Brown Cowgirl Boots / PIP

    Barbie is going to drive the 1961 Cadillac around town she’s wearing a white long sleeve pullover shirt, torn denim jeans, brown leather Cowgirl boots. Shish is using two cameras one is PIP in the upper right corner of the screen getting footwell video of Barbie’s sexy size 8 feet in her brown leather cowgirl boots, the rest of the screen is whole body video as Barbie gets in the Cadillac upper body video from her head down to her knees.

    It takes Barbie two tries to get the engine started on the second try she gives the gas pedal one small squirt to get a little bit of gas in that big 427 big block V8 four barrel carburetor. The engine fires up on the second try.

    After giving the engine a couple of revs Barbie shifts the gearshift into reverse she backs up she has to turn the steering wheel hard to the right after shifting into drive. The Cadillac is a beast the turning radius on the steering wheel is probably not that good as Barbie backs up she has that look on her face that she was afraid she was going to hit something. Barbie shifts into drive she goes to the end of the driveway and makes a left turn. At first Barbie drives around the neighborhood she turns into someones driveway she backs up and turns around, then she gets on the main drag and drives around town.

    Barbie driving through town she probably got a lot of looks a beautiful blonde driving a classic car around town. Barbie’s right foot must have been a swamp working the gas and brake pedal, after her drive she heads back to HQ and parks the Cadillac not to far from the wooden deck. As the video comes to an end Barbie puts the gearshift into park and shuts the engine off opens the driver door and gets out. The End. Barbie you did a great driving video in the Cadillac your feet look sexy in cowgirl boots. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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