Barbie gets into the old Monte Carlo and it takes a few tries before the car starts up.  She does some mild revving in the driveway to make sure it’ll stay running.  Her sheer pantyhose shine throughout this whole video from the lights and with the itty-bitty sweater dress she’s wearing, you can see the seams at the top of her thighs.  Her black leather stiletto pumps with a slight platform gently massage the gas pedal until she’s finally comfortable to drive.  While driving, she buries the gas pedal to the floor as often as she can.  You can hear the car kick down a gear and take off!  Our first stop is to get some gas.  During this part, you get to watch Barbie fill up the gas tank as she dips and dangles her pump.  She’s giving the people driving by and at the gas station a sexy little shoe show!  Once the gas is filled up, she gets in the car and it doesn’t want to start.  It takes her a minute or so to get the car going, you can tell she’s nervous because people pull up next to her at the pump.  But, sure enough, she gets it started and she’s back on the road, burying the pedal to the floor and revving it in neutral a time or two.  Towards the end of the clip, as she’s slowing down due to turns and traffic, she runs her hand and fingernails over her pantyhose-clad legs and thighs.

**For some reason, VLC has an issue playing this clip.  If you find trouble playing it in VLC, it plays fine in Windows Media Player.**