Britney & Cassandra Cranking the Frozen Bug Going Out, 1 of 3

Britney & Cassandra Cranking the Frozen Bug Going Out, 1 of 3

September 19th, 2015


Britney yells up to Cassandra, “You guys finish getting ready, I’m going to get this car warmed up! ย It’s freezing!”
She climbs into the Bug and starts cranking it, pumping the gas in her boots and hoping it’ll start up.
After a few tries, she mumbles, “This is embarrassing!”ย and keeps at it. ย She gets the car to sputter some, so she’s on the right track but still has a long ways to go! ย She doesn’t realize that Cassandra has finished getting ready and is sneaking up on her trying to get the car started…oh the tricks girls play on each other! lol

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  1. Britney & Cassandra Cranking The Super-Beetle ( Dark And Freezing Cold Outside) Black OTK Leather Boots / 720 P MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    It’s dark and freezing cold outside Britney and Cassandra are going out for a girls night out on the town, there going to drive the bug. Britney is outside she tells Cassandra and maybe Scarlet wile there finished getting ready she will start the bug to to warm it up and turn on the heater. Now that’s all Britney has to do is get in the bug maybe prime the carburetor by giving the gas pedal a few pumps and turn the ignition key the engine fires up she revs it a little bit and turns on the heater so it’s nice and warm when Cassandra who ever else in the house comes out gets in so they can have there girls night out, for Britney nothing comes easy the bug will not start.

    Britney is all decked out in black leather she has on black leather coat, black liquid leggings, black leather OTK leather stiletto boots. Cassandra is also decked out in black leather and black OTK leather boots you wont see her till the end of the video. Britney had a little bit of trouble getting the drivers door open she had to put a little bit of muscle into it she got the door open. Britney gets in she turns the key the engine will not start she cranks and pumps the bugs gas pedal, the engine will sputter now and then. I don’t think Britney pumped the gas pedal too much to where she might have flooded the carburetor she keeps trying.

    Shish is getting whole body video as Britney gets in the bug and upper and some really good closeups or Britney’s right boot as she pumps the bug’s gas pedal. Britney is embarrassed and a little bit upset that she can’t get the bug to start. Shish also gets some video from the top of the wooden deck looking down on the bug, after a few minutes Britney opens the drivers door she puts her left foot on the pavement as she tries to get the bug to start, the engine is still sputtering now and then.

    Britney stops cranking for almost a minute hoping that would help it doesn’t she goes back to cranking and pumping the bugs gas pedal. As clip one is coming to an end Cassandra comes out of the garage she walks towards the bug past the Volvo she can hear Britney crank the bug’s starter as she walks to the bug. What will happen in clip two? Will Cassandra startle Britney? She’s walking really quietly as she walks to the bug. Will Cassandra try to get the bug to start? Will either Scarlet or someone else come out of the house? Britney did say you guys get ready. That means more then one person.

    We will have to wait and find out in clip two. Until then pleasant dreams. ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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