Brooke’s Chevy Laguna Won’t Start in White OTK Boots

Brooke’s Chevy Laguna Won’t Start in White OTK Boots

September 7th, 2023

Video tries getting her old ‘Purple People Eater’ started up. It’s been sitting in her yard for a couple of days before she’s had a chance to move it.

Camera is by the drivers door and she walks up, gets in and starts pumping. It’s a hard and stiff pedal, so it takes a lot of leg and bouncing to pump the gas. Her hair is in a ponytail and really adds to the bouncing. She’s got on a pair of white over-the-knee stiletto boots over some skin tight leather-like leggings, a white tank top and these black finger-less gloves. Kinda like a punky 80’s meets biker chick vibe.

She does get the car started and while it’s idling she gets out to grab the camera. As she sits back down to rev it to keep it from dying it stalls out. She tries for a while to get it started again but it’s just not starting. Some sputtering but it doesn’t re-fire.

She’s getting tired now. She’s holding the camera and it’s a bit shaky from how hard she has to pump but she gets various angles while struggling.

I don’t know if she’s gonna crank today guys, I think she’s had it.” she says, slightly out of breath. But she keeps trying a couple of more times while holding the camera before mounting it to the passenger side window so she can focus entirely on starting the car.

Come on now, I need to be going.” she says to the car after adjusting herself in the mirror. She’s pumping hard and holding it to the floor to try and get some response but it’s just giving her a big middle finger! Don’t think it’s gonna start….