Brooke & Ralphie, Episode 1 (Ralphie’s POV)

Brooke & Ralphie, Episode 1 (Ralphie’s POV)

April 2nd, 2020

I forgot I had this clip of just Ralphie’s point-of-view because I edited it and stuffed it into a random folder and forgot about it. This is all of the footage from ‘Ralphie’s’ view, which provides some more content to this whole scenario. It was just for fun and Brooke was the first model I had ever tried something like this with.  I want to say this was maybe the 2nd shoot I had with her…~8 years ago.

Ralphie, the pervert mechanic, sabotages and harasses poor Brooke. She just wants to get her car fixed and instead, ole Ralphie is trying to get his jollies of watching her crank her old Camaro.

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  1. Brooke Cranking The Camaro Z28 ( Ralphie The Mechanic Is Shooting Video From His Point Of View-Without Her Knowledge Or Consent) Brown Leather Thigh High Boots / 1080I WMV HD / Episode One

    Brooke has taken her classic red 1977 Camaro Z28 to get worked on by Ralphie the pervert mechanic he’s shooting video of Brooke struggling to get her car started, Ralphie is shooting video with the hood up and the drivers door open all the way, hes shooting video of the engine as she cranks and pumps the Camaro’s gas pedal, he also shoots whole, upper and some footwell video as Brooke tries to get Camaro started she she can get out of there as fast as she can.

    Ralphie is getting his jollies watching Brooke struggling to get the Camaro started she’s wearing a gold leather tank top, white pants, brown leather thigh high stiletto boots, to say that Brooke is a little bit ticked off at Ralphie is a bit of an understatement she thinks it’s ridiculous that Ralphie can’t get the Camaro fixed. Brooke gets the engine started she gets a a few revs in before the engine, dies on her, after close eight minutes Ralphie has other ideas and there not good for Brooke as he tries to drag her out of the Camaro, she struggles with Ralphie as he tries to dragging her out of the Camaro. What’s Brooke going to do?

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Brooke is yelling at Ralphie” No No No!!!!!!!” As he tries to drag her out of the Camaro. The End. Brooke you did a great cranking video in the Camaro your feet look sexy in those brown leather thigh high stiletto boots. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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