Brooke Driving the Bus – #598

Brooke Driving the Bus – #598

November 18th, 2015

Her smile in the beginning of the video quickly goes away when the Bus is a bit of a pain to get started. Once running, she drives around but there is an issue with power from the little engine. She’s driving fine at first but then she has some trouble and we decide it’s best to head back to the house. Still, a great video of this gorgeous gal driving this old Bus in some strappy leather sandals.

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  1. Brooke Drive The VW Bus / Black Wedge Strappy Leather Sandals / Custom#598 / 720 P MP4 HD / P.I.P

    Brooke is going to do a custom driving video in the bus that is if she can get it to start it’s acting temperamental. Brooke is using a mixture of pumping the gas pedal and pressing down on the brake pedal she goes back and forth, it takes Brooke about close to a minute to get the engine started. Brooke makes a right turn from the driveway and another right turn at the stop sign. Brooke is wearing a black leather jacket, black pullover shirt, black leather pants, black leather strappy wedge sandals.

    Shish is using two cameras ones mounted to the left of the right of the rear view mirror that one is getting whole body video the other one is P.I.P that one is getting footwell video of Brooke’s sexy size 7 feet as they work the pedals. The drive is going fine for about the first five minutes the highest gear that Brooke shifts into is third I don’t think she ever shifted into fourth gear. As Brooke makes a right turn from a stop sign she tries to shift into second gear the engine doesn’t have any power. Brooke has to put the gas pedal all the way to the floor, the engine is sluggish to say the least.

    Brooke asks Shish if she should pull over to the side of the road there not that far from Cassandra’s. Shish tells her no keep driving over to Cassandra’s she’s in second gear Brooke isn’t going that fast maybe 15 or 20 MPH at the most because of the engine power issue. Brooke makes a right turn down the dirt road too Cassandra’s driveway when the engine dies on her. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen the engine died on Brooke this doesn’t make Brooke happy at all. The End

    Brooke you did a great custom driving video in the bus your feet look really sexy in those black leather strappy wedge sandals, too bad the engine decided to act up who ever ordered this custom I hope you liked it as much as I did. Shish your camera work as always great. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. ShisH,
    I loved the above camera angle used in this vid as well as the second camera focused on Brooke’s feet operating the pedals. In addition the way in which the P.I.P. angle seamlessly fit into the screen was extremely creative. I would only encourage you to film future vids in this same style.

    Great vid by all involved and in the end the Bus proved to be a bit of a problem for Brooke in simply getting to her short final destination. Loved the sexy outfit that Brooke wore for this vid as well!!

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