Brooke Pedal Pumping the Bus in Leather Pants & Red Booties, 1 of 2

Brooke Pedal Pumping the Bus in Leather Pants & Red Booties, 1 of 2

March 18th, 2015

Brooke struts her stuff to the Bus with you fixated on those legs of her wrapped in some tight black leather pants and her feet encased in red leather ankle boots. She knows you’re checking her out, that’s okay, she likes it. She climbs into the Bus and we watch as she struggles to get the Bus started and turned around. Most of this clip is her just getting the Bus aimed for the road. Stalling, cranking, stalling, revving and straining to turn the steering wheel in this non-power steering rust bucket!

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  1. Brooke Crank Rev & Drive The VW Bus / Red Leather Ankle Boots & Barefoot / 1080I WMV HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    Brooke knows you like watching her start the VW bus it can be real temperamental she’s dressed really sexy. Brooke is wearing a white v-neck ruffled short sleeve shirt, black liquid leather leggings, red leather ankle boots, she walks and gets in the bus. Brooke has to do some cranking and pumping of the buses gas pedal the gearshift is in neutral with her left foot on the brake pedal she’s pumping the gas pedal with her right foot. It takes Brooke a little over a minute to get the buses engine fired up she revs it for close to two minutes before she tries to turn the bus around and go the other way.

    At first Shish is not inside the bus he’s outside getting video through the drivers door window as Brooke struggles to get the bus to start,and wide angle shots as Brooke backs the bus on the grass off the driveway so she can turn the bus around that can be easier said then done Brooke is having a little bit of trouble getting the bus turned around, if you look inside the bus when Brooke first gets the bus started she forgot to release the emergency brake lever.

    Shish points this out to Brooke she releases the emergency brake, whats making it more difficult for Brooke to get the bus turned around is the bus dies on her she has to go back to cranking and pumping of the buses gas pedal. Brooke gets the engine started in about a minute, she gets the bus turned around. Shish gets in and shoots a mixture of upper and footwell video. Brooke puts the gearshift in second gear by mistake, she puts her left foot on the brake pedal, by now her feet must be hot and sweaty in those red leather ankle boots, the engine has died on Brooke three times in close to ten minutes as Brooke struggles to get the bus turned around and keep the engine running.

    Now that Brooke has the engine running she slowly goes down the driveway it looks like she’s going to make a right turn. I’m not quite sure on that. As clip one is coming to an end Brooke is about to make a turn. What will clip two bring us? Brooke is suppose to take her boots off at some point in this two part series. Will the engine die on her again? If so will she take her boots off and do a barefoot crank and tease? We will have to wait and find out in clip two. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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