Brooke Wants to Crank Up the 1972 Nova Today
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Brooke Wants to Crank Up the 1972 Nova Today

June 25th, 2023

I think I wanna crank up the Nova today.” Brooke says while hanging out by her black pickup truck. She walks over, checks the oil and hops in to see if it’ll start. Jewels is filming from the drivers side of the car as Brooke leaves her left foot out on the ground with the door cracked. She turns the engine over and it just cranks. You can hear the fuel pump whining to push the gas into the engine but it needs a lot of pumping by Brooke. It sputters a few times.

You smell that gas? I think I flooded it.” Brooke says to Jewels and pauses for a moment before trying again. She gets the engine to catch and feathers the throttle to get it to smooth out some. Now she can rev it up a little.

That was fun.” she says as she turns the car off and walks away. Her work here is done.