Brooke Pumping the Old Monte in Black Jeans & Red Pumps

Brooke Pumping the Old Monte in Black Jeans & Red Pumps

December 28th, 2019

Cranking, sputtering, flooded revving, bouncing, pumping, stalling and did I say cranking already? All of that done by the lovely Brooke in an all black outfit with red leather pumps.

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  1. Brooke Mixed In The Monte-Carlo( Doing A Little Bit Of Bouncing Trying to Get The Monte-Carlo To Start) Dressed In Black & Red Leather Stiletto Pumps / 1080I WMV HD

    It’s a little bit warm outside the Monte-Carlo is parked off the driveway on the grass with trees and bushes to the rear of the car as Brooke walks out to the Monte-Carlo. Shish is shooting a mixture of whole body video as well as upper and footwell video from the drivers door it’s open all the way, and upper and footwell video from the passenger side.

    Brooke is wearing a black tank top, black denim jeans, red leather stiletto pumps. Brooke gets in with her left foot resting on the ground, she doesn’t pump the gas pedal for about the first three or four tries, she presses down on the brake pedal about the first two or three tries, this video might have been shot about four or five years back about the time when Scarlet first got the Monte-Carlo, after about the fourth try Brooke starts to give the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal a good pumping, she even does a little bounce for about the first couple of minutes, even then she only does this a couple of times.

    The engine doesn’t begin to sputter until Shish gets in the passenger seat about a minute later, the engine begins to sputter some. Brooke comes close to getting the engine started her right foot must have been a swamp in those red leather stiletto pumps, the drivers door is still open. Brooke finally gets the engine started she revs it for about a minute. The engine sounds a little bit rough it sounds like the carburetor might be flooded at least a little bit.

    Brooke shuts the drivers door and rolls down the doors electric window she shifts into drive she gets the front tires on the driveway before the engine dies on her, it takes Brooke about close to two minutes to get the engine started, she revs the engine good and loud, the engine sounds a little more smooth,the carburetor is clearing out some of the excess it had in it.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen. Brooke shifts into drive and is about to go on a drive. The End. Brooke you did a great crank and rev video in the Monte-Carlo, your feet look sexy in those red leather stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work great. Good Work all!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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