Brooke & Her Daily Struggles, #644, 3 of 6

Brooke & Her Daily Struggles, #644, 3 of 6

May 21st, 2016

Whew, she didn’t think she was ever going to get the car started! She’s on her way back home after walking and is having to deal with this damn car constantly stalling on her! It’s so temperamental…if you turn the steering too far, if you hit the gas too quick, if you turn too sharp it’ll die, grrrrSHIT!

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  1. Brooke Mixed Multiple / Black Platform Flip Flops & White Sneakers w/Blue Trim / 720 P WMV HD/ Custom # 644-3 / Clip 3 Of 6

    As we continue from clip two Brooke is glad she got the Monte-Carlo started she’s driving around neighborhood the problem is when she makes either sudden left or right turns or gives the engine gas a little bit to fast the engine keeps dieing on her. Brooke has a hard time keeping the Monte-Carlo running she makes left and right turns, because the Monte-Carlo keeps dieing on her Brooke decides to drive the Monte-Carlo back home, the temperamental beast doesn’t make that easy for her.

    Brooke has to fight the Monte-Carlo when the engine stalls out on her she has to crank and pump the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal to get the engine started backup, it doesn’t help matters much that the engine usually dies right in the middle of the street, fortunately there’s hardly any traffic on the street at the time of day she takes her drive in the Monte-Carlo, the engine dies on her when she makes a sharp left turn she has to fight it to get it to stat back up, when she makes another sharp left turn to turn into someone’s driveway so she can turn around and go home the engine dies on her not once but twice, each time she has to fight the Monte-Carlo to get it to start backup.

    And when she makes a wrong turn into another driveway she tries to backup when the engine dies again. It’s a good thing Brooke gets the engine started back up pretty fast usually in under a minute. Brooke makes it home she park’s the Monte-Carlo on the driveway next to the wooden deck. What will she do next will she go into the house and relax and calm down and kick her white sneakers off her feet? Her feet must be a swamp by now with all the pumping of the gas pedal she’s done. Or will she go out in another car?

    We will have to wait and find out in part four in this six part series. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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