Brooke, Gem & Scarlet End Up Mudding, 3 of 7

Brooke, Gem & Scarlet End Up Mudding, 3 of 7

September 22nd, 2013

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We pick back up with Brooke still trying to get the Bug started.  We’re at the base of the muddy hill and if she can get the car started, the girls can finally hit up some mud!
This clip is mostly of Brooke playing in the mud with the Bug.  You’ll quickly see why taking the Bug up there in this sticky mud was a bad idea.  So much mud got packed up into the fender-wells of the front tires, they stop spinning from time to time.  Makes it hard for Brooke to do some muddy donuts.  We jump back and forth from the passenger seat to an outside observer in this clip.  Lots of slippin-n-slidding, a little stuck here and there, some stalling and a lot of fun! 🙂

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  1. Hi!

    This muddy field is a great area to make more stuck clips to for ex. in elegant outfits, but hard stuck videos!
    Nice clip!


  2. Brooke Gem & Scarlet Mixed Multiple / Brown Cowgirl Boots / 720 MP4 HD / Clip 3 Of 7

    As we continue from clip two Brooke is still trying to get the bug to start she’s cranking and pumping the bugs gas pedal it takes her about 30 or 40 seconds to get the engine to start, with all that pumping of the gas pedal Brooke did I’m surprised she didn’t flood the carburetor. Gem is behind Brooke and Scarlet in the Jeep. Shish has gotten out of the Jeep he walks up the hill aways he’s getting video of both the bug and the Jeep going up the hill.

    It rained really good its really muddy there’s pockets of water on the ground. Brooke gets the bug up the hill, its amazing she didn’t get the bug stuck at all. Gem follows behind them. Shish is using picture in picture a couple of times only for a few seconds at a time in the upper and lower left of the screen. The engine stalls on Brooke again she cranks and pumps the Jeeps gas pedal she pumps the gas pedal fast and hard well more like rapidly pumping the gas pedal she gets the engine restarted in under a minute, after Brooke gets the engine restarted she puts the gear shift in first she goes around in circles. She also does some donuts.

    The left front tire gets so much mud on it, it stops spinning at least one maybe two times, the engine stalls again this time Brooke gets the engine started pretty fast, you don’t see the Jeep that much in this clip its all , the camera switches from the inside of the bug where Scarlet is getting a mixture of upper body and some good footwell video especially when Brooke was pumping the gas pedal. If you look closely at the left rear hubcap you see Shish’s reflection for about a couple of seconds as Brooke does a mixture of going around in circles and donuts.

    Towards the end of clip three mud is getting under the wheel well really good, so far the bug hasn’t gotten stuck yet. Brooke keeps the engine rpm s up there good those rear tires spin quite a bit, the bug stops a couple of times, so far Brooke and Scarlet are having a good time shooting this video, they talk through out this clip.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Brooke is doing a mixture of going around in circles donuts and figure eights.

    What will clip four bring us? Will Brooke keep doing donuts and going around in circles? Will the engine stall on Brooke again if so will she get it to start back up again? We will have to wait and find out in clip four. Until then pleasant dreams. : D 😀 😀 😀 😀

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