Brooke, Gem & Scarlet End Up Mudding, 4 of 7

Brooke, Gem & Scarlet End Up Mudding, 4 of 7

October 6th, 2013


Gem has never gone muddin before, so this is all new to her.  She starts out doing some little figure 8’s in the mud and after a short while, Scarlet decides to hop in the passenger seat and ride shotgun as she guides Gem through the mini-lake of glop!  She doesn’t carry too much speed into it and after some splashing, the Jeep comes to a halt…the engine died.  Gem fires it back up and as soon as she presses the gas, that distinct noise of the wheels spinning tells everyone that she’s stuck!  Scarlet does a bit of coaching as they try to free the Jeep from the mud.


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  1. Brooke Gem & Scarlet Mixed Multiple / Brown Cowgirl Boots / 720 MP4 HD / Clip 4Of 7

    In part four of this series its Gem’s turn to have fun as the video begins she’s driving around in circles, she hasn’t gotten stuck yet she’s never been mudding this is her first time , Gem is all by herself inside the Jeep as Gem is going around in circles you can hear the bug’s engine in the background for the first minute, after a couple of minutes Scarlet gets in the Jeep she’s giving pointers to Gem as she puts the gearshift in drive she doesn’t get to far when she gets the Jeep stuck really good. Scarlet gives pointers to Gem on how to rock the Jeep back and forth, to say the field that Gem and Scarlet are in is muddy is an understatement.

    The engine stalls on Gem two times she has no trouble getting the engine too start backup. Gem has her left foot on the brake pedal as Scarlet tells Gem how to work the brake pedal with the gas and brake pedal trying to rock the Jeep back and forth, if you look closely the Jeep isn’t in four wheel drive. I’m not sure if the four wheel drive is working, in clip four you don’t see either Brooke or the bug this is all Gem and Scarlet, at first Gem can’t get the Jeep to move as Gem keeps working both the gearshift and the pedals she able to get the Jeep to move a little bit after a few minutes Scarlet tells Gem not to move the Jeep forward just try getting the Jeep unstuck going backwards.

    Shish up on a hill getting video of the Jeep as Gem is trying to get the Jeep unstuck Scarlet is getting a mixture of whole body as well as upper body and footwell video of Gem’s size nine feet in her brown leather boots as she works the pedals. Gem gets the Jeep to move a little bit just when you think she might get unstuck Gem gets into a hole, she keeps trying to get unstuck.

    As clip four is about to come to an end Gem is still trying to get unstuck. What will clip five bring us? Will Gem get the jeep unstuck? Will Brooke get in the Jeep? Will the engine stall again if so will Gem get the engine to start back up? We will have to wait and find out in clip five. Until then pleasant dreams 😀 😀 😀 😀

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