Brooke & Jane Get the Chevy’s Fired Up in Flip Flops

Brooke & Jane Get the Chevy’s Fired Up in Flip Flops

May 16th, 2021


Trying to get both of these hot rods going today so they each can have a car to play in. The ’72 Nova is running in the background at the start of the video as Brooke gets in the ’76 Laguna and finds out that battery isn’t going to be up to the task to start the car. She gets a few cranking attempts in before it just slowly comes to a halt. Time to hook it up to the charger.
Meanwhile, the Nova decides it wants to chug and stall while the girls are messing with the Laguna. Brooke asks Jane to go fire it up again while she finishes connecting the Laguna. Jane goes over to the Nova, gets in and finds out the battery didn’t charge up much at all. She gets a few slow cranking attempts before it dies.

Now they spend some time messing with the Laguna. After some waiting, Brooke tries to start it but the battery wasn’t charging for some reason. They check the settings and let it sit a while. They come back to it and it’s finally spinning over now but Brooke can’t get it fired up before the battery gets drained again. Ugh!
They do get it started eventually and then move to the Nova, where Brooke attempts to get it started. After a bit of charging, it’s spinning over strong enough now for her to get it fired up again.

Yay, both cars are running…for now.

One thought on “Brooke & Jane Get the Chevy’s Fired Up in Flip Flops”

  1. Brooke & Jane Cranking The Laguna & The Nova ( Getting The Cars Ready To Play In And Shoot Some Videos) Pink & Black Flip Flops / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s hot and humid up at Brookes she and Jane are going to play in the Laguna and the Chevy Nova first Brooke has to air up the left rear tire on the Laguna she already has the engine running on the Nova the engine dies. Brooke asks Jane to restart the engine the battery dies on Jane. Brooke has to drag out the battery charger.

    Brooke tries to get the Laguna started up the battery dies on the Laguna, now Brooke has to try to jump-start both the Laguna and the Nova that doesn’t work out at all, so Brooke hooks the battery charger up for a few minutes on each battery just long enough to where they can get the engines started up. Brooke is wearing black cutoff denim shorts, blue tank top, pink flip flops. Jane is wearing gray t-shirt, denim shorts, black Nike flip flops, the both of them are shooting video with there smartphones .

    Brooke is shooting mostly footwell video as she tries to get the Laguna and the Nova started at different times. Jane is shooting a lot of wide angle whole body as well as upper and some nice footwell video of both her and Brooke’s feet at different times in the video, you’ll see some of the same video from different perspectives in this video, hard to tell how long Brooke charged the batteries on both the Laguna and the Nova with it being so hot and humid, finally she gets both engines started, now time to play in them and shoot some videos.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Brooke barely gets the engine started on the Nova, the battery almost dies on her again. The End. Brooke you and Jane did a great mixed video in both the Laguna and the Nova the both of you have sexy feet in flip flops. Great Video!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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