Brooke & Jane Summer Sneaker Babes in the Laguna, 1 of 2

Brooke & Jane Summer Sneaker Babes in the Laguna, 1 of 2

December 3rd, 2020


They’re chilling in the old Laguna with their sneakers propped up on the dash and fiddling on their phones. It’s getting hot sitting still, so they decide to hit the road again and maybe stop for some ice cream. Brooke wants to drive, so they swap seats, buckle in and Brooke cranks the old car over a couple of times and gets it fired up. She revs it up a little while they take off their hats and puts it in reverse only to have the car die.
Oopsies!” Brooke says as she starts pumping the gas again to start it up. It stalls a second time but fires right up and she’s able to pull out onto the road where she hits the gas and peels out a little. At the next stop sign, she peels out again as they hit these country roads back to town.

Main view is from the dash looking at both girls with a picture-in-picture from Jane’s phone she’s filming with periodically.

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  1. Brooke & Jane Driving The Laguna ( Hot Sunny Day – Maybe Go Out For Either Lunch Or Ice Cream) Dark Black Van Lace- Up Sneakers & Red Keds Lace – Up Sneakers / Clip 1 Of 2 / 1080I MP4 HD / PIP

    It’s a nice hot humid sunny day to go out for drive in the Laguna both Jane and Brooke have there feet propped up on the dashboard, giving us a really good closeup of how there feet look in lace-up sneakers. Jane is in the drivers seat with her black Vans lace-up sneakers on the dashboard. Brooke has on her dark red Keds lace-up sneakers w/ white laces.

    The both of them talk back and forth on what they are going to do next Jane gets out through the drivers door as Brooke scoots over the gearshift and get in the drivers seat. Jane is wearing a black tank top, denim shorts, black Vans sneakers w/ black shoe laces. Brooke is wearing a white tank top, denim shorts, dark red Keds sneakers w/ white shoe laces, there’s a camera mounted under the rear view mirror shooting whole body video from the top of there heads down to there feet when they are propped up on the dashboard.

    Jane is shooting footwell and some video through the windshield and some upper body video with her smartphone . The Laguna is being a little bit temperamental it takes Brooke about three tries to get the engine started and keep it running. Brooke does a mixture of pumping the gas pedal about three or four times and holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor, after getting the engine started.

    Brooke would rev the engine for a few seconds before she would shift into reverse so she can back the Laguna out of the driveway, the engine would keep stalling on her after the third try she’s able to keep the engine running, the both of them talk back and forth on what too do, either to go to lunch or get some ice cream. Brooke and Jane goes on a short drive not that long maybe no more than five minutes at the most, the drivers door window is rolled down all the way so air can flow inside the cab of the car.

    As clip one is ending Brooke pulls into the driveway shifts into park and shuts the engine off and rolls up the drivers door window. What will clip two in this two part series bring us? Will they eat lunch at Brooke’s house? Or will they go out for lunch and maybe get some ice cream? If so who will drive the Laguna will Jane or Brooke? Will they keep the PIP box in the middle of the screen shooting footwell video? We will have to wait for part two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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