They’re chilling in the old Laguna with their sneakers propped up on the dash and fiddling on their phones. It’s getting hot sitting still, so they decide to hit the road again and maybe stop for some ice cream. Brooke wants to drive, so they swap seats, buckle in and Brooke cranks the old car over a couple of times and gets it fired up. She revs it up a little while they take off their hats and puts it in reverse only to have the car die.
Oopsies!” Brooke says as she starts pumping the gas again to start it up. It stalls a second time but fires right up and she’s able to pull out onto the road where she hits the gas and peels out a little. At the next stop sign, she peels out again as they hit these country roads back to town.

Main view is from the dash looking at both girls with a picture-in-picture from Jane’s phone she’s filming with periodically.