Brooke & Jane Barefoot Cranking & Driving the ’72 Nova, 1 of 3
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Brooke & Jane Barefoot Cranking & Driving the ’72 Nova, 1 of 3

July 25th, 2022


Taking the old ’72 Nova hot rod for a not-so-quick spin around the block with Jane having first dibs on driving. Both gals are wearing cutoff shorts, tank tops and no shoes.

Jane takes a while to get this car fired up. It’s a genuine pain-in-the-ass, especially when it’s already been driven and the engine is hot. She has the clutch held the floor the whole time and stretches her right foot out to pump it all the way to the floor. She gets the car to sputter and sound closer to starting but it’s a big time tease. When she does get it fired up, she’s not revving as hard as Brooke thinks she should, so Brooke reaches over with her foot to ‘help’ her along for a few revs.

The video cuts to a few moments later where the engine is not running — it stalled in between changing the camera angles. It doesn’t Jane as long to get it started this time and she revs it up again before thinking they’re ready to go but as she’s putting the car into gear it stalls. This repeats a few times and that’s when the girls knew the car is going to be a handful today.

This clip is all of Jane behind-the-wheel.

3 thoughts on “Brooke & Jane Barefoot Cranking & Driving the ’72 Nova, 1 of 3”

  1. Brooke & Jane Mixed In The 72 Nova ( Jane Gets First Dibs – Someone Else is Shooting At Least Part Of This Video Maybe Shish) Barefoot / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    It’s a nice hot summer day both Jane & Brooke are dressed in dark blue tank tops, denim shorts, barefoot some one is shooting wide angle whole body video as Jane gets in the drivers seat Brooke gets in the front passenger seat, she gives pointers to Jane as she tries to find the right mixture of pumping and holding the gas pedal.

    Jane has some trouble finding the right mixture of pumping and holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor. I’m assuming Shish is shooting at least some of this video Brooke shoots about the last couple of minutes in clip one. Jane has at least a few false starts, she finally gets the engine started she revs it a little bit, she shuts the engine off.

    The camera fades when it comes back on Brooke is shooting video now shooting a mixture of upper and footwell video as Jane tries to get the Nova to start backup, she has some trouble getting it to start, the engine sounds like it wants to turn over, there’s someone shooting video in the distance shooting video under the porch on a smartphone maybe it’s Shish.

    Jane gets the engine started she tries to shift into first gear the engine stall’s on her this happens twice before she finds the right method of giving the engine gas and letting off the clutch. Jane shifts from first through third gears she doesn’t get that far down the street when the engine stalls on her again, she makes a left turn getting off the street.

    As clip one is ending Jane gets the engine started back up. What will clip two in this three part series bring us? Will Jane drive back to Brooke’s house and and Brooke get behind the wheel? Or will Jane get on the highway and open up the Nova and see what that hot-rod engine is made of. We will have to wait for clip two to see what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Beautiful video! Jane is absolutely stunning and I love how her foot held the pedal to the floor! <3

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