Brooke & Jane Play in the Laguna in Converse Sneakers, 4 of 4

Brooke & Jane Play in the Laguna in Converse Sneakers, 4 of 4

January 4th, 2019


This last clip in the series is back to viewing the action from the handheld camera. It’s Brooke’s turn to try and get the Laguna started. She takes over and taunts Jane by saying she’ll be able to get it started even after flooding it a little more. The girls banter some more as Brooke cranks and revs the old Laguna in her Converse sneakers.
She takes it for a drive to stretch it’s legs before swapping with Jane to let her drive it back. When they park it, they do some sexy revving with each of them putting a sneaker on the pedal to romp on it.

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  1. Brooke & Jane Mixed In The 1976 Chevy Laguna / Black Converse High Top Sneakers / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 4 Of 4

    Were in the last of this four part series there is some upper body and footwell video as Jane and Brooke take turns shooting video with Jane’s smart-phone. Jane is shooting video of both her and Jane’s black leather Converse high top sneakers. Brooke gets behind the steering wheel, she finds the right pumping rhythm using a mixture of pumping and holding the gas pedal all the way to the floor.

    The engine starts on either the third or fourth try she gets the engine started she gives the engine a few quick revs. Brooke shifts into drive as she turns the Laguna around and making a right turn from her driveway, she doesn’t drive down the street that far maybe a couple of blocks at the most before she pulls over to the side of the road and turns the Laguna around she stops and shifts into park, both ladies get out and switch places. Jane hands her smart-phone to Brooke she takes a picture of Jane behind the wheel.

    Brooke gets in and shoots upper and footwell video as she drives back to Brooke’s. Jane parks the Laguna in the back where this four part series began. Brooke with her left leg reaches over to the gas pedal from the passenger side and puts her left foot over Jane’s right foot as they both rev the Laguna’s big block V8 engine. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane shuts the engine off. The End. Brooke you and Jane did a great four part mixed series in the Laguna. The both of you have sexy feet in those black leather Converse high top sneakers, and the both of you did a great job shooting this four part series. Good Work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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