Brooke & Jane Bikini Babes Playing in the Laguna, 4 of 4

Brooke & Jane Bikini Babes Playing in the Laguna, 4 of 4

May 12th, 2019


This is the last clip of the girls and it’s from the view under the steering wheel looking up at the girls. Brooke is cranking the car till it starts, revs it up and takes it out for a spin while Jane is riding along and filming. When Brooke gets back to the house, she turns the car off to let Jane have a little challenge getting the hot engine started again. When Jane gets it fired up, she revs it up some before they wrap this clip and video series up.

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  1. Brooke & Jane Playing In The Laguna ( Cranking & Pumping And Killing The Battery) Bikini’s & Strappy Sandals / Clip 4 Of 4 / 1080I MP4 HD

    As we continue from clip three Jane is shooting video through the passenger door window it’s rolled down all the way. Brooke is sitting in the drivers seat she pumps the gas pedal some before she cranks the engine. Brooke gets the engine started after a few tries, she revs the engine a little bit to clear out the carburetor of some of the excess gas. Jane hands her smartphone to Brooke while she’s revving the engine to clear out the carburetor of gas she points the camera around the Laguna’s windows shooting video before Jane gets in, both she and Brooke buckle there seat-belts.

    Brooke shifts into drive driving around the neighborhood if you want to see where they were driving you’ll have to look at either clip one or clip two to see where they were driving. Brooke only takes a short drive before she drives back to her house parks the Laguna back where this video began. Brooke shifts into park and revs the engine for close to a minute. Brooke shuts the engine off Jane gets out through the passenger door. Brooke climbs over the gearshift Jane gets in climbing over the gearshift, she and Brooke look for Jane’s smartphone.

    Jane cranks and pumps the Laguna’s gas pedal she gets the engine started pretty fast not even a minute she revs the engine for the rest of the video. Brooke picks up Jane’s smartphone shooting some footwell video of Jane’s sexy size 6 right foot pumping the gas pedal and revving the engine for about the last minute of the video in this four part series. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Jane shuts the engine off. The End.

    Brooke you and Jane did a great mixed series in the Laguna both of you have sexy feet in strappy sandals, and the both of you did a great job shooting this video. Good Work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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