Jane is filming as they walk to the 1980 Cadillac Coupe Deville. Brooke is wearing some stiletto heeled thigh high boots over her jeans. She walks carefully down to where the car was left. You can see the mess it has made from being stuck in the mud for more than a few days. So the plan is to first get the car started and get it unstuck before doing some revving in it. Brooke manages to get the car to fire up with a little effort and to their surprise, the cars drives right out of the semi-dry mud it was stuck in.
Brooke starts revving first while Jane films some exhaust shots. It doesn’t take long for a black spot to form on the driveway from the exhaust spewing onto the ground. After some romping, the girl swap and Jane uses her brown leather cowgirl thigh high boots to romp on the pedals some!