Brooke Takes Jewels for 1st Ride in Bus, 1 of 3

Brooke Takes Jewels for 1st Ride in Bus, 1 of 3

July 7th, 2019


This is Jewels first time playing in the Bus. Brooke gets in the passenger seat while Jewels climbs in behind the steering wheel to get acquainted with the old thing. She cranks it up and does some warm up revving before giving it hell! She’s revving that little engine with her flat sandals and pink toes. Brooke kicks off her flip flops and puts her left foot on top of Jewels’ foot to pump and rev with her sister! That poor lil engine…

Ok, revving done, time to drive. Brooke is now in the drivers seat to show Jewels how to properly drive the bus. She keeps her foot high on the gas pedal, floors it often and keeps it floored, takes the rpm’s high and tries to stay in 3rd gear as much as possible.

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  1. Brooke & Jewels Mixed In The VW Bus ( Jewels Getting Acquainted With The Bus) Black Strappy Thong Sandals & Peach Flip Flops Barefoot / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    It’s a nice day for Jewels to get acquainted with the bus there down the street from HQ where they keep most of the fleet parked most of the time. The video begins by Brooke opening the passenger door and getting in the passenger seat, she opens the drivers door form the inside so Jewels can get in. I don’t know who is shooting about the fist couple of minutes of this video maybe Jane. I could be wrong on that.

    Jewels is wearing a red tank top, Daisy Duke short shorts, black strappy thong sandals. Brooke is wearing a gray tank top over a black bra, faded denim shorts, peach flip flops, barefoot. Jewels doesn’t prime the carburetor hard to tell the last time the bus had been started and driven it takes Jewels about three tries to get he bus started, she gives the buses engine a good revving, looks like she might have flooded the carburetor some.

    Brooke waves her hand in front of her face, she makes a comment to Jewels” Can you smell that?” As Jewels revs the buses engine, Brooke kicks her flip flops off her sexy size 8 feet she reaches over with her left barefoot over Jewels right foot she helps Jewels rev the engine for a little bit before the screen goes blank.

    When it comes back on Brooke is behind the steering wheel Jewels in in the passenger seat with the camera shooting upper and some really nice footwell video as Brooke starts the bus up, she shifts into first gear, there’s a dirt road behind where they keep the fleet parked. Brooke is going to take Jewels on a nice scenic drive showing Jewels some of the roads she will be driving the cars on in future videos for PTP.

    As clip one comes to an end Jewels shoots some video through the steering wheel showing Brooke’s feet working the pedals. What will clip two in this three park series bring us? Will the bus behave itself and not stall at a stop sign or a traffic light? It has done that before. Will we see who was shooting a wide angle video as the bus was making a turn from where the fleet was parked?

    Will Jewels get a chance to drive the bus in this three part series? We will have to wait for part two in this three part series to find out what happens next. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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