It’s been a while since Brooke has been able to play in the cars. Now that Spring is here, she takes her sister over to the cars so they can start them up and blow out some of the cobwebs that built up in the exhaust. Brooke cranks the Laguna till it starts, which takes a handful of tries. While she’s cranking it, Jewels hops in the car to join in on the revving. They rev it up a little once it gets started. Jewels reaches over with her left foot to rev it some until Brooke gets out of the car to go get something. Jewels then slides all the way over and keeps warming the engine up until Brooke gets back.
Brooke is more familiar with the car, so she revs it harder than Jewels. Brooke is wearing a tank top, torn jeans and black lace-up ankle boots while Jewels is wearing a tank top, jeans and tan knee-high riding boots.