So, the plan was to film Candle driving over to a location to shoot this custom video, shoot the custom then film her driving back.  I’m in the backseat filming while Scarlet is in the front passenger seat and Candle is in the pilots chair.  The Monte Carlo doesn’t start up right away and as Candle tries to coax it, she ends up making the problem worse and floods the Monte Carlo really bad.  You can hear Scarlet trying to tell her what to do but the car is too flooded to really make much of a difference.  Candle pumps in her flip flops and barefoot, seeing if one makes a difference over the other but she’s screwed all the same. lol  Candle gives a good fight and almost succeeds because the car does run for a very short while but she was too on-off-on-off the gas with her mild revving that it stalled.  After that, a few sputters here and there then the battery dies.