Candle Cranks the Volvo & Caddy in OTK Flat Boots

Candle Cranks the Volvo & Caddy in OTK Flat Boots

April 25th, 2012

It’s nighttime and she’s tired from a long day of filming.  She’s ready to go home but has to first park all the cars.  She first starts with the Volvo, which doesn’t start for her and she then moves to the Cadillac, which is a bit more promising.  She manages to get it to move some but it keeps stalling out on her.

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  1. Candle Boxx Cranking The Volvo & The Fleetwood / Black OTK Boots

    Its nighttime Candle has to park the cars first she gets in the Volvo that is if she can get it too start. Candle is wearing a white satin blouse, blue jeans, black OTK boots. Candle talks through out the video she has a fun side she sticks her tung out at the camera. When Candle gets in the Volvo it almost starts it teases her its on the verge of starting Candle cranks and pumps the gas pedal in those black OTK boots.

    Shish is getting a mixture of upper body shots and footwell shots, after about close to a minute of cranking and pumping Shish gets out of the Volvo he walks to the back of the Volvo he gets a little video through the rear window then he walks to the drivers side he opens the door getting a mix of upper body and footwell shots.

    About close to three maybe four minutes it appears the the carburetor is flooded the choke isn’t pulled out .It looks like Candle isn’t going to get the Volvo to start she gives up on the Volvo she gets out and walks over too the Cadillac Fleetwood. Candle gets in the Fleetwood Shish gets in the front passenger seat getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots.

    Candle has a little better luck with the Fleetwood and I mean little. Candle has to do some cranking and pumping with the Fleetwood if you listen closely you will hear it rattle a little bit the engine sputters about two times. Candle is able to get the engine running just long enough to where she can get the Fleetwood to backup a little bit and I mean a little bit. Candle held the gas pedal down all the way to the floor for a few seconds not barely long to where the engine started.

    Candle puts the gearshift in reverse so she can backup she didn’t get to backup when the engine died on her she puts the gearshift back in park she gets the engine started pretty fast she puts the gearshift back in reverse shes able to backup a few feet when the engine dies again. Candle puts the gearshift back in park shes cranking and pumping the Fleetwood she gets it started again she puts the gear shift back in park she backs up maybe a couple more feet. Shish seems happy where Candle parked the Fleetwood.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Candle has this big smile on her face as shes getting out of the Fleetwood. The End.

    Candle you did a great mixed video you got to get the Fleetwood to do something. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S For those of you who like black OTK boots your going to like these boots. I wonder if she was wearing socks with them?

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