Candleboxxx Patent Pumps Pedal Pumping the Monte, 2 of 2

Candleboxxx Patent Pumps Pedal Pumping the Monte, 2 of 2

June 19th, 2014

…and you’re still on the side of the road, with Candle behind the wheel and her car isn’t starting!  Sounds like a bad time, right?  No, I didn’t think so either! lol  Her shiny patent pumps keep pumping the pedal as she spins the engine over and it’s so close to catching!

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  1. Candle Boxx Crank & Drive The Monte-Carlo For The First Time / Black Patent Leather Stiletto Pumps Clip 2 Of 2 720P/ MP4 HD

    As we continue from clip one Candle is still doing her crank and tease Candle is in complete control of the Monte-Carlo getting it too do what she wants when she wants, when Candle presses down on the gas pedal when it gets all the way to the floor the engine almost catches that’s when she lets off the gas pedal she does this quite a bit, the engine sputters a lot as Candle grinds the starter one time by trying to engage the starter a little too soon.

    Candle gets the engine started she revs the engine a little bit before she shuts the engine off and pumps the gas pedal a little bit trying to flood the carburetor so she can go back and do a little crank and tease for you. Candle turns to the camera quite a few times giving you flirtatious looks she has this big grin on her face as she cranks and pumps the Monte-Carlo’s gas pedal, by now Candle’s right foot must be a swamp from all the pumping she’s done on the gas pedal giving it a really good work out for close to 3:min 56 sec. Candle gets the engine started she revs it good to make sure it will stay running she turns around and heads back to the house she’s not going that fast maybe no more then 25 MPH.

    Candle turns into the driveway at the house it’s mostly footwell video on the way back to the house as she turns into the driveway slowly going down the driveway and coming to a complete stop with her right foot on the brake pedal.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Candle puts the gearshift in park and shuts the engine off. The End.

    Candle you did a great crank and drive video in the Monte-Carlo your feet look really sexy in those black patent leather stiletto pumps. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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