Candle Pedal Pumping in Leopard Thigh High Boots, 3 of 3

Candle Pedal Pumping in Leopard Thigh High Boots, 3 of 3

November 30th, 2011

We rejoin Candle still cranking away at the Coronet.  She manages to get it running enough to start backing up the driveway but she forgot the Volvo is parked in the way.  She leaves the Coronet running while she gets in and tries to move the Volvo.  The Volvo is being difficult as well as it’s really flooded on this hot day and not wanting to start easily.  It sputters as she pumps the big gas pedal in her boots.  She’s getting all hot and sweaty and decides to remove her sexy thigh high boots to see if she has better luck in her bare feet and legs.  She manages to get it going well enough to move it off the driveway.  She goes back to the Coronet, which has died and begins backing up the driveway again.

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  1. Candle Crank & Drive Multiple Cars / Leopard Print Thigh High Boots / Clip 3 Of 3

    As we continue from clip two Candle is still trying to start the Coronet it takes her about ten seconds in clip three to get the Coronet started when Candle gets the Coronet started this seems to startle her a little bit like she didn’t expect to get the Coronet started now that she has it running she puts the gear shift in reverse to backup the engine dies on her shes able too restart the engine she puts the gear shift back in reverse shes looking behind her too see where shes going she gets a little upset somebody left a 1970 white Volvo in the driveway.

    Candle puts the gear shift in park she leaves the engine running she walks over too the Volvo she gets in the Volvo, Candle looks into the Volvo’s rear view mirror she says” my car just died.” Now Candle is going to try too start the Volvo she puts her left foot on the clutch her right foot on the brake pedal she turns the ignition key as shes cranking the Volvo she doesn’t pump the gas pedal at first as the engine begins to sputter she pumps the gas pedal the engine sounds really rough the carburetor might be a little bit flooded she revs the engine a little bit when she revs it it sounds better until she lets the engine idle then it sounds rough.

    Candle releases the emergency brake lever she revs the engine a little bit more to make sure it will stay running, Shish opens the drivers side door hes getting both upper body and footwell shots, Candle lets off the clutch the engine dies. Candle cranks and pumps the Volvo it will sputter from time to time, Candle says” its not my day.” After about two or three minutes of cranking and pumping the Volvo she stops her feet are not only sore there hot and sweaty she takes her leopard print boots off her feet shes not wearing and socks.

    After taking her boots off Candle goes back to cranking and pumping the Volvo eventually Candle gets the Volvo started and off the grass just enough so she can backup on the driveway, Shish also gets some video of the exhaust as Candle revs the Volvo’s engine before moving it off the driveway. Now that Candle has moved the Volvo off the drivway she picks up her leopard print boots she walks barefoot back over to the Coronet she has red toenail polish as shes walking she gets in the Coronet the engine dies wile it was idling when Candle walked over to the Volvo.

    Candle gets in the Coronet she turns the key the engine sputters and dies, now Candle is cranking and pumping the Coronet barefoot shes doing some pretty long cranks on the starter about 30 maybe 45 seconds at the most shes able to get the engine started she gives the engine a couple quick revs to make sure it stays running.

    Candle puts the gear shift in drive she almost forgot too release the emergency brake she releases it with her left foot on the brake pedal her right foot on the gas shes moving forward slowly she goes off into the grass she gets so close to a bush with the drivers side window being rolled down a branch comes through the window part way she goes forward a little bit more she stops to look behind her to see where she should back up too.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Candle is backing the Coronet backup on the driveway she looking behind her. The End.

    Candle you did a great three part mixed series her feet look sexy in those leopard print boots not only that you have sexy bare-feet, Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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