The Stranded Sexy Substitute, 2 of 3

The Stranded Sexy Substitute, 2 of 3

January 22nd, 2012


Candle is substituting for the Saturday detention kids at her local high school.  She thought she’d throw on something that might give her an advantage in keeping them under control.  In this second clip, we pick up with Candle giving the Volvo another few tries to start but realizing it’s not gonna happen, she pops the hood and tries to figure out her predicament.  As she’s looking at the old worn out engine, someone parked a few spaces over offers a lending hand.  Of course, her car is not without it’s own issues as well.  They manage to get Candle’s car started and we end the video with Candle revving it up to get some juice in the battery.

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  1. WOW…. I would look for ANY excuse to have been put on Saturday detention just to get a glimpse of Ms.Candle… She looks INCREDIBLE in this video series!!! We see some great interaction and chat between Candle and Scarlet as Scarlet assists Candle in jump-starting the weak battery in her car with the cables… The damsel-in-distress pedal-pumping real action begins just before the 4 minute mark into the video… WOO-HOO… This is GREAT!!! Some great under the hood shots capture the shaking, cranking, sputtering engine and some BEAUTIFUL camera work captured inside the car highlights Candle’s frustrated facial expressions and her aggressive gas pedal pumping in very sexy sandals! She pumps the gas pedal vigorously and all the way to the floor whilst holding the key to crank the starter motor for long spells… It’s BREATH-TAKING to watch when Candle gets the engine to sputter and right on the very edge of startling… the starter motor speeds up and works over-time but Candle’s determined pedal-pumping floods the carb and she has to try all over again!!! If you enjoy watching aggressive pedal-pumping you’re really going to LOVE this clip!!! It’s absolutely MAJESTIC…

  2. Candle Mixed In The Volvo / Black Strappy Heels / WMV HD / Clip 2 Of 3

    As we continue from clip one Candle is still trying to get the Volvo to start the battery is almost dead, Candle gets out of the Volvo she walks to the front and pops the hood she looks inside the engine to see if she can see anything wrong. Scarlet is in her blue 1986 Monte-Carlo two parking spaces over shes asks Candle if she needs any help? The battery sounds like its dieing. Candle says yeah.Scarlet starts the Monte-Carlo she backups the engine stalls on her Scarlet restarts the Monte-Carlo and parks besides the Volvo

    Scarlet is wearing a yellow shirt, blue jeans, brown cowgirl boots, she takes out a pair of jumper-cables that are on the floorboard on the front passenger side she puts the jumper-cables on the positive and negative terminals on both the Volvo and the Monte-Carlo’s batteries sparks fly off the Volvo’s battery this startles Candle a little bit. Candle says” do you want me to get in and start my car?” Scarlet says” let me get in and start mine first.”

    It take Scarlet three or four tries to get the Monte-Carlo to start its being a temperamental she has to do some cranking and pumping to get it to start now that Scarlet has the Monte-Carlo running Candle gets in the Volvo and she starts cranking and pumping the Volvo, Shish is walking around hes getting a mixture of upper body and footwell shots he also walks to the rear getting video of the exhaust as Candle is cranking and pumping the Volvo.

    The engine teases Candle a little bit pretending to want to start wile shes cranking and pumping Shish points the camera through the window on the drivers door witch is rolled all the way down it, Candle is giving the Volvo’s starter a really good work out shes cranking it for at least 30 to 45 seconds before letting go of the key and turning it again and cranking and pumping, it takes Candle close to five minutes to get the Volvo to start.

    Candle finally gets the Volvo to start shes revving the engine shes giving the engine lite to mild revving, Scarlet gets out of the Monte-Carlo she leaves the jumper-cables on the Volvo’s battery for about a minute to make sure it will stay running Candle is still revving the engine, Candle thanks Scarlet for helping her, Scarlet had just removed one of the jumper-cables Candle let the engine idle it died on her Scarlet put the jumper-cable back on.

    Candle goes back to cranking and pumping it takes her about 45 seconds to get the Volvo to start she goes back to giving the Volvo lite to mild revving, Scarlet leaves the jumper-cables on the Volvo for a little bit wile Candle is revving the engine, Shish is getting video of the engine compartment showing the throttle linkage as Candle is revving the engine.

    Scarlet takes the jumper-cables off the Volvo and the Monte-Carlo, Shish is getting video of Candle’s face as shes revving the engine she has this look of relief on her face now shes going to be able to go home and think about getting a new car that’s more reliable then the Volvo

    Scarlet closes the hood on the Monte-Carlo she gets in the to drive off wile Candle is still revving the engine the hood on the Volvo is still up.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Candle is still revving the engine. Will the engine stay running long enough so Candle can get out and close the hood so she can go home? Will Scarlet stay behind and follow Candle home?

    We will have to wait and find out in clip three until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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