Cassandra Stalled in the Camaro – #294

Cassandra Stalled in the Camaro – #294

June 19th, 2013

Her Camaro is running weird and as she’s coming to a stop sign, she starts 2-footing the pedals to keep it running but as she stops, the car sputters and stalls out!  She quickly goes to work in her white loafers to get the old car cranked up again.  You can see her anxiety in the way she pumps and when you get an outside view of the intersection while she’s cranking it, you can see why.  A car has to go around her to make their turn and she hardly pays attention as she’s focused on restarting her engine!

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  1. Cassandra Stalled In The Camaro / Two Tone Penny Loafers /1080i WMV HD/ Custom #294

    Cassandra is driving she stops at a stop sign when her engine in her classic red 1977 Camaro Z28 stalls on her, she’s wearing a white long sleeve sweater, black pants, pantyhose, silver and white penny loafers.

    As Cassandra is driving she presses the brake pedal with her left foot as she comes to a stop sign the engine stalls on her, she puts the gearshift in park with her left foot still on the brake pedal she tries to restart the engine, it wont start period. The engine sputters at least one time. Cassandra isn’t pumping the gas pedal fast or hard its more like a slow consistent pumping, she’s calm as a cucumber.

    Shish is in the back seat getting a whole body video from the right side of her right arm down to her feet you can see both feet her left foot on the brake pedal her right foot pumping the gas pedal as she tries to get the Z28 to start backup. Shish gets out of the Camaro he’s on the sidewalk across the street getting video of Cassandra from the drivers side as she’s trying to get the Camaro to start.

    I’m surprised there isn’t more traffic on the street one car goes around her on the right side, another car comes from the opposite direction, no one appears to come offer to help her get the Camaro started. Shish has two other cameras one is on the left side getting great footwell video of the left side of Cassandra’s right foot, the other is on the right side of her right foot next to the gearshift lever as she’s pumping the gas pedal.

    I can’t tell what type of pantyhose shes wearing because the pants she’s wearing comes a little below her ankles, after close to five minutes Cassandra holds the gas pedal all the way to the floor too clear out the carburetor the engine fires right up, this makes Cassandra really happy she puts the gearshift in drive and she’s on her way.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra gives the engine a few quick revs to clear out the carburetor, she puts the gearshift in drive and she’s on her way. The End.

    Cassandra you did a great custom cranking video in the Camaro, who ever order this custom I hope you liked it I sure did. Cassandra’s feet in those two tone penny loafers they look down right sexy on her feet. Hope her feet didn’t get hot and sweaty in those loafers.

    Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. A very realistic scenario involving a great looking woman in a car that has stalled out in a bad spot on a busy road. It happened to me while I was in college. I was in the passenger seat sitting next to a coed,( who later was to become my girlfriend) and we were going to a classical concert for credit in a music course we were taking. She was driving a circa 1960 Corvair, (this took place in the spring of 1978). She had massive problems even getting the car started in the student parking lot as we headed out as like most coeds she had simply let the car sit in the lot for weeks, almost months on end without at least running the engine. In her first attempts to get her old car started she had flooded the carburetor with her habit of constantly pumping the gas pedal while turning the key in the ignition. While I do admit back then to become aroused watching her right right knee rhythmically bob up and down off of the seat it was getting us nowhere. I had to convince her that in pumping the gas pedal hundreds of times the car was not going to start up and we would miss the concert.

    After using my technique, (which was to hold the gas pedal down while cranking the engine to help clear out the foul gas from the carb) she finally got it started. The next problem was that her car was running very poorly out on the road. On the way to the concert it stalled at a traffic light. Panicking and with cars behind her, she again began pumping the gas pedal as she tried to re-start the car. I had to put my left hand on her right knee, )(encased in pantyhose as she was wearing a skirt) in order to discourage her. After about half dozen attempts she got it fired up again.

    It was after the concert and returning back to the campus when, again, her ill-running Corvair stalled this time at a stop sign, similar to what happened to Cassandra in this vid. Only she couldn’t get it re-started immediately, unlike what happened earlier that afternoon at the traffic light. She began crying partially out of frustration but also in fear that we would be stranded miles from campus if her car’s battery had eventually worn down. She again had been pumping the gas pedal and completely flooded out the carb. Cars were passing us. No one offered to help. Being the era before cell phones we were contemplating walking to a convenience store to get a ride from someone, (other students, one of our parents, anyone). I finally convinced her to stop pumping the gas pedal, (she had learned this technique from her grandmother who gave her the car as a present soon after she had gotten her driver’s license) and eventually she managed to get the old Corvair re-started. Still, it was somewhat of a scary moment for both of us being stranded miles from campus on the side of a road in a stalled out car. Luckily, this all happened during daylight hours.

    Great job by Cassandra and Shish filming! Brings back some memories!!

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