The video starts with a close-up shot of the sole of her right foot. You hear keys being fiddled with as she’s looking for the right key to the Monte Carlo. She slides her foot into her clog, walks to the car and gets in. She slides her left foot out of her clog and crosses her legs left-over-right as she tries to get the car started. She’s not happy with car and is resting her head on her left arm that is propped up on the door. She keeps trying but the car isn’t start. She finally takes both of her shoes off and kicks her feet up on the open door. With her feet propped up, she calls for help. She waits for them to arrive and tries the car a few times with her feet still propped up. She even moves her foot as if she’s pumping the gas pedal. She kicks back again after still having no luck and dozes off a bit. Her help arrives and wakes her up by tickling her feet a bit to get her attention.