Cassandra Driving the Camaro in Boots

Cassandra Driving the Camaro in Boots

March 19th, 2013

Another hour long clip for you driving fans!  This is partial self-filmed and a mostly real-time video.
So the story to this clip is we had Cassandra, Dirty Diana, Scarlet and a new model ready to do a fun 2 car, 4 camera pedal pumping video.  Cassandra was going to be sporting the Camaro while Dirty Diana was going to drive the old VW Bus with Scarlet and the new model in tow.  Cassandra got a little too carried away leading the pack, so when the VW Bus started experiencing engine issues, Cassandra was too far gone to know where they dropped off at.  So poor Diana & Company were broke down on the side of the road with your narrator, Shish, assisting.  This hour long video is of Cassandra in her own little world, driving the Camaro as you ride along.  It’s a mix of small town, highway and parking lot driving.


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  1. Cassandra Driving The Z28 / Black Leather Boots / Adventures In Filming

    Cassandra is driving the Z28 she’s wearing a two tone long sleeve shirt, charcoal denim jeans , black leather boots. This was suppose to be two cars in this video. Scarlet Dirty Diana and Shish were going to follow behind in the VW bus, the bus had other ideas, the bus broke down on the side of the road. Diana was driving the bus.

    Shish is in the bus with the ladies. Cassandra drives through town she does some shopping, there are three cameras ones mounted either on the right passenger side door or the dashboard getting upper body video the other one is a minicam mounted behind the pedals getting footwell video as Cassandra works the gas pedal with her right foot, through out this video she works the brake with her left foot, he other cam is hand-held Cassandra uses that one to shoot video of her face and her black leather boots.

    Cassandra stops at red lights she drives around town, I’m not sure when this video first began I though I saw the bus follow behind the Camaro through the rear window a couple of times, she goes into a shopping canter the camera fades when it comes back on she buys some stuff, she’s waiting on Diana Scarlet Shish and the new model, she wonders where there at.

    Cassandra doesn’t have a cellphone with her. She starts the Z28 up she drives around town for a wile, its late in the afternoon the sun is starting to go down, she’s goes back the way she came she sees the VW bus parked on the side of the road as she’s heading home, there’s a school bus in front of her. Cassandra gets a little bit impatient with some of the drivers there not going fast enough for her(shame on them.LoL) Cassandra turns into the driveway back at the house she parks the Z28 she shuts off the engine she rolls the windows up and shuts the cameras off.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra shuts off the mini cam behind the pedals. The End.

    Cassandra you did a great driving video, the video you shot of you driving looked great. Its going to be interesting to see the video Shish shot of the bus when it broke down beside the road, this is a great driving video. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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