Cassandra Moving the Volvo – #253

Cassandra Moving the Volvo – #253

May 14th, 2012

Cassandra wants to practice her stick shift driving in the Volvo.  She’s rusty and figures a good way to get some seat-time is to move it from one spot to the next.  It doesn’t take much to get it started and she begins fumbling for reverse to back it out of the spot it’s currently in.  She stalls the car a LOT and sometimes, it takes a few tries to get it running again.  She has muscle the steering wheel a lot as well due to the tight spot the car is in.  She even does the heel-to-toe method to keep the car from stalling sometimes.  She does manage to get clear and reverses across the yard quickly…it’s all-go or all-whoa with her, not much middle ground! Lol!  She almost gets stuck near the end when getting the car to it’s new spot.

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  1. Realistic and very entertaining clip! Love the heel-toe with those white mules and red toe-nails. Cassandra moves up the charts with this one; congrats!

  2. Cassandra Moving The Volvo / White Mules/ Custom # 253 WMV HD

    Cassandra is a little bit rusty driving a stick-shift so she though she would practice in the Volvo. Cassandra is wearing a white shirt, charcoal gray shorts, white mules. As the video begins it takes Cassandra close to 30 seconds to get the engine to start it was a cold start Cassandra had to do a little bit of cranking and pumping to get the Volvo to start she didn’t have to use the choke. Now that the Volvo is running she puts the gear shift in first shes not going that far maybe no more then 40 feet at the most.

    The engine stalls on her quite a bit for the most part she has not trouble getting the engine restarted for the first ten minutes.

    Cassandra has no problem going forward its when she tries to back up thats where the problems begins when she tries to back up she gets stuck in a couple of spots the engine stalls on her, for close to ten minutes she doesn’t have any real trouble getting the engine started back up until the ten minute mark she has to do quite a bit of cranking and pumping to get the engine restarted, she must have been going down hill because at one point she had her right foot on the brake pedal, with her right foot pressing down on the brake pedal her right heel shes pumping the gas pedal, now that’s being creative.

    Shish is in the back seat getting mostly whole body with footwell shots. The way Shish is pointing the camera you can see a little bit of the bug out through the windshield, the bug can’t be no more then ten feet away from the Volvo at the most you will also see the Coronet and the bus and one other car .

    Cassandra grinds the starter one time as she restarts the Volvo. One time when the engine stalled on her she had to do quite a bit of cranking and pumping to get it to start back up she wold pull the choke in and crank it for about 10 or 20 seconds when the engine would sputter a little bit she push the choke back in she would try again she would crank and pump when the engine would sputter she would pull the choke out again, then after doing a little more cranking and pumping she would push the choke and the engine started right up.

    One thing is for sure Cassandra knows how to handle a Volvo she knows how to use the choke to get it to start, the reason that the engine keeps stalling on her is she has the Volvo in a rut and shes having a little bit of trouble getting it out she keeps going back and forth. One time Cassandra didn’t push the clutch all the way down when she was trying to restart the engine she only did this two times. Cassandra gets the Volvo restarted she has to do some more rocking to get the Volvo unstuck now that shes unstuck moves it where she wants it parked.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra finally gets to move the Volvo where she wants it. The End.

    Cassandra you did a great video in the Volvo your the first model when cranking and pumping the Volvo that has used the choke in a way that by pulling it in and out after the engine was already warmed up and not flood the carburetor, you really know your way around a Volvo. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

  3. This is my all time favourite “damsel in distress” video… This Custom Video was filmed exactly to the specification I requested… Cassandra shares a real feast of different genres for us here a combination of: cranking, pedal-pumping and stuck. This video really is a dream come true for me… I am absolutely delighted with it and will definitely be ordering some more Custom Video Requests from Cassandra. Simply outstanding!!!

    1. Hi Road_Runner, the custom video you had ordered is my all time favorite “damsel in distress” video as well. Many Thanks! I love everything in it. I like how Cassandra stalls so many times, especially when she has successfully moved, and then the engine strains at low rpm and conks out. The camera work is also most excellent. Thank you, ShisH and Cassandra, perfect team-work. Cassandra, you are the sexiest woman driver, cranking and shifting and stalling. I love how you drive, and don’t get flustered when you stall, and sometimes laugh. Excellent!!

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