Cassandra Cranks & Revs the Volvo in White Pumps & Barefoot

Cassandra Cranks & Revs the Volvo in White Pumps & Barefoot

November 16th, 2012

Starting an old ‘Swedish brick’ with a choke can be challenging at times.  It’s an art form getting the right amount of choke going to keep the car running when it’s cold without choking it too much.  Cassandra is pretty good at it but the Volvo still gets the best of her when she ends up choking it too much and kills the engine.  She goes through the starting-stalling process and gets it running again to do some mild revving to warm the car up.  She presses the floor mounted pedal with her white leather pumps at first but then slips them off to work the pedal with her bare feet.


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  1. Cassandra battles with one cold stubborn old Volvo throughout this clip! Some really SUPERB coverage of some cold/ flooded cranking and revving… The battery remains strong throughout, despite Cassandra’s long determined starter motor cranking sessions! Several times Cassandra gets the car right on the very verge of starting but the cold engine keeps popping and sputtering out whenever she tries to rev it earnestly. Gee I LOVE it when the engine sputters and teases like that! Her feet look AMAZING in her very elegant classic white stiletto pumps (with some lovely toe cleavage shots) in these shoes too. Out of all of the vehicles in the PTP Fleet the Volvo is my personal favorite., I ADORE watching Cassandra in the Volvo. I have ordered several Custom Video Requests and will certainly continue to order more! I am never disappointed… I could watch her all day! Her relentless cranking and gas pedal-pumping is AWESOME!!!. Just when Cassandra thinks she has persuaded the engine to submit and run for her, it conks out AGAIN… PEDAL-PUMPING HEAVEN!!! She treats us to some lovely barefoot pumping too as she showcases some lovely pale pink metallic nail polish Towards the end of the clip ShisH captures some great tailpipe shots as Cassandra revs. The engine backfires like a CANNON at one point and a shot of black smoke bellows out from the exhaust pipe! WOW!!!

  2. Cassandra Crank & Rev The Volvo White Patent Leather Pumps & Barefoot

    Cassandra is going to see if she can get the Volvo to start shes wearing a mid sleeve pink shirt, dark denim jeans( I think the color is blue I’m not sure on that.) White patent leather pumps, barefoot/w plum toenail polish. Cassandra puts the keys in the ignition she turns the key if you look at her right leg she doesn’t really pump the gas pedal hardly at all, just enough to squirt tiny amounts of fuel into the carburetor.

    As Cassandra is cranking she pulls the choke out and pushes it back in she doesn’t leave the choke out too long maybe about 15 to 30 seconds it varies. Shish is getting a whole body shot the camera is mounted either on the passenger side door or the dashboard, a little bit later he gets the camera closeup on her right foot as shes giving the gas pedal tiny squirts, the engine sputters a couple of times before she gets it started at around the 2:00 min mark.

    Now that Cassandra has the Volvo running she gets the rpms up just a little bit, the engine runs for close to a minute before it dies again, she gets it started back up. As long as Cassandra keeps the rpms up the engine for the most part will stay running for short periods of time about a minute here two minutes there, the caption for this video in the title says that the engine was flooded, if I had to go by the way the engine sounded it didn’t sound flooded to me.

    Normally when the engine is flooded if a model is able to get the engine to start, the engine sounds really rough, each time that Cassandra gets the Volvo started the engine sounds smooth. Cassandra doesn’t really begin to pump the gas pedal until about the halfway mark she also uses the choke more often, as Cassandra is pumping the gas pedal more the engine will sputter more.

    One thing is for sure the way that Cassandra is using the choke and pumping the gas pedal just the right way a mixture of little squirts and aggressive pumping when needed. Cassandra has been cranking and pumping the Volvo for close to 7:00 min she stops for about a minute she calls her friend on her cellphone to tell her shes having trouble getting her rust bucket to start.

    Cassandra takes her white patent leather pumps off her feet are beginning to hurt, she shows off her sexy bare-feet with plum toenail polish, she goes back to cranking and pumping she gets the engine to start shes able to keep the engine running for the rest of the video, she grinds the starter at least two times trying to get the Volvo to start.

    As the PTP copyright logo is about to pop up on the screen. Shish is getting video from the rear of the Volvo as Cassandra is revving the engine it backfires one time, the engine is still running. Shish thinks this is funny. The End.

    Cassandra you did a great crank and rev video in the Volvo. Shish should show this video to all the models so they will know how to start the Volvo for real.Your feet look sexy in those white patent leather pumps, you also have sexy bare-feet. That’s the first time I can remember seeing a woman whit plum toenail polish. Shish your camera work as always great good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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