Cassandra Starting, Revving & Cranking the Bug in Vans

Cassandra Starting, Revving & Cranking the Bug in Vans

November 3rd, 2011

Cassandra hops in the 1972 VW Bug to get it started for some revving fun!  It takes her a while to get the old Bug started and you’re treated to see her break in her brand new Vans sneakers on the old gas pedal.  Some exhaust shots capture the Bug spitting out fumes as it refuses to start.  However, she finally manages to get the thing running and proceeds to warm the motor up by revving it.  She slips off her Vans to reveal some very hippie style ‘Make Love Not War’ socks as she continues revving.  During the revving, the Bug starts to choke and sputter.  When it dies, Cassandra tries restarting it but it won’t crank.  🙁  We found out later the fuel pump pin popped out…oops!

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  1. Cassandra Cranking & Revving The Super-Beetle / Blue Vans /WMV HD

    We have a surprise today we have a new model here at PTP her name is Cassandra her first video shes cranking and revving the Superbug shes wearing a white and pink pullover shirt with pink trim, blue jeans, blue vans with some red in them, multi colored socks, Cassandra gets in the bug she pushes the clutch with her left foot she must own an old car with a carburetor before she turns the key she must have pumped the gas pedal to prime the carburetor at least 15 or 25 times I didn’t keep count at least 25 times before she turned the ignition key.

    When she turned the key she would give it short cranks she would stop and pump the gas pedal some more and try again she did this quite a few times, Shish is getting video from the passenger side getting a mix of upper body and footwell shots, Cassandra’s vans have white laces in them there not slip-on’s. Cassandra pumps the gas pedal a lot it takes her close to 50 sec to where the engine would sputter slightly. Shish a little later walks around to the back of the bug getting video of the exhaust as Cassandra is cranking and pumping the gas pedal the bug must have been sitting for quite a wile.

    Shish walks over to the drivers side door it’s open now hes getting upper body and some footwell shots it takes Cassandra close to 5:00 minutes to get the bug to start before that the engine must have sputtered close to a dozen times I don’t think she flooded the carburetor, at the 5min 31 sec mark Cassandra gets the engine started she begins to rev it at first she gives it gentle revs to give the oil a chance to get around the engine parts after about a minute she gives the engine mild revving in about a minute she takes off her right van she revs the engine with her right foot in her sock.

    She only revs the engine for about close to four minutes at the 9 min 47 sec mark the engine dies, Cassandra tries to restart the engine the engine sputters she tries again it sputters again now shes cranking and pumping the gas pedal, about the last 25 seconds of the clip Cassandra holds down the gas pedal all the way to the floor trying to clear out the carburetor.

    As the PTP logo pops up on the screen Casandra is still trying to get the bug to start by clearing out the carburetor. The End.

    Cassandra for this being your first posted clip here at PTP you did great judging by the way you were pumping the gas pedal and the way you were cranking the bug turning the ignition key the way you did you seem to have some experience with cars with carburetors. Shish your camera work as always great good work all !!!! : D 😀 😀 😀 P.S hope to see more of Cassandra. Cassandra welcome to PTP hope you like it here. 😀 Another P.S Just read the caption above about the fuel pump pin popped out.

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