All dressed up and taking the old hot-rod out. She gets in, puts her clutch in the back-seat and pumps the gas a few times quickly before spinning the engine over. It takes a few good cranks to get the car to start up. She lightly pumps the gas in her tan thin-strapped stiletto sandals to let the car warm up for a second. Thinking it’s ready to go, she heads for the road.
She gives it a mile or so on the main road before having a little fun and goosing the throttle. She coasts to a stop-sign with the car in ‘N’ and revs it up a little. When she gets in back in ‘D’ to take off, you can hear it chugging and protesting a little because it’s not all the way warmed up yet. It’s okay, a little feathering of the gas and Cassandra works through it.

She gets to her next stop sign and coasts to it like she did before to keep the rpm’s up and the car still chugs on her and this time, it dies. “Oh, come on baby.” she says as she tries restarting the car. After a few attempts it starts up but dies again when she puts it in drive. She gives a nervous laugh as she starts cranking the car again.
Come on baby, we were having so much fun!” she says before it fires up again. She revs it quickly and goes, before it has a chance to change it’s mind.