She just got home and didn’t even get more than a few steps from her car when her phone rings. She looks at it and sees that it’s work calling…ugh! She reluctantly answers it and yup, sure enough, they need her to come back in. Apparently working someone else’s shift at the same time you’re doing yours doesn’t grant you a pass on Christmas Eve. She finally tells her boss that she’ll be there, she’s on her way. She angrily gets back in her car and it won’t start. Oh, yeah, this is great! She’s kind of panicking now, begging the car to start because if she doesn’t show up, she will definitely be fired. She does get it started but has a hell of a time keeping it running as it wants to constantly stall on her. She has to make up time by flooring the pedal and speeding on these back roads but slow drivers are every-fucking-where! She does make it, eventually, maybe her boss isn’t mad that she’s a bit late even though she already worked her shifts for the day….bah-humbag!