Slowly waking up with her head covered, handcuffed inside a car in her sexy Santa outfit was not how Cassandra would have thought her day would go. She shakes the towel off her head, manages to get a hair clip in her fingers so she can pick the lock to the cuffs and quietly opens the door of the bus to see where she’s at. Her car is parked nearby and no one else is around so she makes a break for it!
She gets in the car and looks for the keys before realizing they are still in the ignition. I guess they didn’t think she’d be able to get free of her bonds. She goes to start the car and won’t start! She frantically tries getting it started because there’s no telling when someone is going to hear her, she begs the car to start and it finally starts up! She backs up quickly, turns around and tries to get out of there but the car stalls on her. She gets it going again and floors it when she hits the road.
No one is following her and she might be out of the woods except her car stalls on her at the first stop sign she comes to. She begs the car to start again as it sputters. She’s got to be careful not to flood it out. She gets it going again and floors it away from the stop sign with no sign of anyone following her still. She doesn’t get much further down the road before the car stalls on her and she has to pull over and crank it. More begging and pleading before the car starts again and she can continue her escape where she continues to floor the pedal to put as much distance between her and whomever kidnapped her!