Cassandra Stuck Fun in the Coronet in Boots, 1 of 3

Cassandra Stuck Fun in the Coronet in Boots, 1 of 3

February 13th, 2021

This series was an unintentional little gem that just kinda happened.

This first clip in the series is after we had been filming numerous stuck videos that day and put various ruts, trenches and giant holes in her driveway that got tore-up by utility workers the previous week. So, I’m having her get the car setup for a scene where she gets stuck coming into her driveway, but as she’s backing up, she jumps right back into a hole she buried the Coronet in not 20 minutes prior to that…ugh! She starts rocking and spinning the wheels but I can imagine she can feel the absolute nothing she’s getting from her efforts. But hey, keep trying!

“Ewww, that sounds soupy.” she says when she starts hearing the really wet sloshing around of mud.

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  1. Cassandra Stuck In The Coronet ( Backed In A Hole Mud Is Really Soupy _ Utility Work Had Been Done Earlier In The Week) Brown Leather Knee High Boots / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 3

    It’s a nice day to shoot some stuck videos up at Casandra’s utility work had been done about the week before there’s a big hole in the driveway where the the utility crew had dug the hole to do there work in. Cassandra had gotten the Coronet stuck in the hole earlier in the day shooting some stuck videos. Cassandra is wearing a blue sweater mid sleeve halter top, red pullover shirt, brown leggings, brown leather knee high boots.

    The plan was Cassandra was going to back the Coronet down the driveway being careful to go around the hole with the soupy mud in it that the utility had dug about the week before, turn the Coronet around Shish would cut that video out of Cassandra backing the Coronet down the driveway to shoot the next video, will that didn’t quite go to plan.

    It takes Cassandra a couple of tries to get the Coronet started after she gets the engine started she backs the Coronet down the driveway getting the right rear tire in the hole with the soupy mud down axle deep in mud, the mud is so soupy the right rear tire can not get any traction period, the left rear tire in not in the mud. The problem is the Coronet doesn’t have any type of any slip differential, even if if had it it might have done no good because the Coronet only has a 318 V8 engine, it doesn’t have enough power.

    Shish is shooting whole body video as Cassandra puts her brown leather knee high boots on her feet, and wide angle video a she backs the Coronet down the driveway, different wide angle shots from the passenger side as well from the drivers side and some video of the rear of the exhaust, there’s another camera mounted on the inside of the passenger door shooting whole body video as Cassandra tries getting unstuck shifting from reverse and drive witch does no good, the Coronet doesn’t even try to budge.

    Cassandra looks out through the passenger door window to see how stuck the Coronet is, it’s stuck really good and is not going anywhere any time soon. As clip one is ending Cassandra is sitting there until she and Shish can figure out what to do next. What will Cassandra and Shish do next? Will Cassandra keep rocking the Coronet back and forth hopping that can get the Coronet unstuck?

    So far that looks like that’s not going to work. Or will they put some two by fours under the right rear tire? That might work they would have to dig a pretty good trench to put the two by fours in. We will have to wait for clip two to get a good idea what will happen next. Until then pleasant dreams. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

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