Cassandra, Cheyenne & Vivian Boot Pumping Broke Down

Cassandra, Cheyenne & Vivian Boot Pumping Broke Down

September 21st, 2018

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They’re done shooting some BootsNLeather clips and go to leave but that damn busted ass Mopar doesn’t want to start. Vivian tries getting it started while Cheyenne sits in the middle and records with another camera. They banter back and forth until the car battery dies and Vivian has to get out and swap it for a good one. Vivian gets back in and gets it started..yay! She gets out and hangs out at the front of the car while letting it idle. It starts to chug and sound like it might die so Cassandra hurries in the car to give it some revs. The girls pile in through the passenger seat and they drive home.

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  1. Cassandra Cheyenne& Vivian Mixed In the Coronet( Shooting Videos For Boots & Leather) / Black Brown OTK Leather Boots / 1080I MP4 HD /PIP

    Cassandra Cheyenne & Vivian have just finished shooting some videos for boots and leather there walking back to the Coronet, it looks like there in the parking lot of the local high school all three of them are wearing either black or brown OTK leather boots. Shish is standing back shooting whole body video as they walk back to the Coronet.

    Vivian gets behind the wheel Cheyenne gets in next she sits in the middle she has has a Canon camcorder that one is PIP most of the time shooting some footwell and upper body video. Cheyenne is goofing off a little bit as Vivian tries to get the Coronet started, it doesnโ€™t want to start. Vivian pumped the gas pedal so much she might have flooded the carburetor.

    As Vivian gets the engine started she revs it a little bit she backs out of the parking space there, she rolls down the drivers door window to talk to Shish, while Vivian tried to get the Coronet started the three of them talk back and forth.

    The engine stalls on Vivian she cranks and pumps the gas pedal a little too much, she winds up killing the battery. Shish pulls the jeep to the right side of the Coronet. Vivian gets out she has a little bit of trouble finding where the hood latch is so she can left the hood. Cassandra tells her the hood latch is on the front grill.

    Shish is shooting whole body video as as Vivian changes the battery all three of them get out and look at the engine. Now that the Coronet has a fresh battery and it has time to sit for a few minutes. The carburetor has time to clear out some of the excess gas. Vivian gets the engine started she revs it a little bit, she gets out and looks at the engine. The engine almost dies Cassandra gets in and revs the engine. Vivian closes the hood she gets in and sits in the middle and has the Canon camcorder Cheyenne gets in last.

    Cassandra drives the Coronet back to HQ thereโ€™s another camera inside the Coronet itโ€™s mounted on a suction cup on the windshield on the passenger side getting whole body video of both Cassandra and Vivian and upper body video of Cheyenne as they are driving back to HQ. The video is almost over now as Cassandra turns into the driveway at HQ.

    As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Cassandra stops the Coronet on the driveway and gives the engine a good revving. The End Cassandra you Cheyenne and Vivian did a great mixed video in the Coronet all three of you have sexy feet in black and brown OTK leather boots. Shish your camera work a always great. Good work all!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

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