Cassandra, Cheyenne & Vivian in ‘Coronet Hose’

Cassandra, Cheyenne & Vivian in ‘Coronet Hose’

July 6th, 2020

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This whopper of an update hits all kinds of genres of delight. It’s a multi-cam view of these girls heading to a location to do some shooting. As we all know, it can be a little adventurous when you’re using a 35+ year old car. Cassandra is doing the driving at first in this video. After some quick pumping of the gas to get the car started, that is.
They make a stop to get gas and of course, get a lot of lookie-loo’s because of the outfits they’re in. Once filled up they get back in but this time, Vivian gets behind the wheel. She can’t start the car, so she’s there at the gas pump cranking this old Dodge as people come and go. She gets it started after a bit and they can continue on their way.
They’re having some fun on the drive, playing with one camera to get some selfie-views while a mounted camera gets a shot of all of them. They’re turn is coming up and Vivian takes it a little fast and the Coronet stalls out on them. They pull over to the side of the road but the car won’t start. They’re at a decent sized intersection and right in between a gas station and grocery store. So lot’s of folks seeing this old car with 3 gals broke down. They struggle for a while as the engine is extremely flooded out. They finally get the car started and try to finish their trip without another incident. The car is wanting to die but Vivian’s expert skills manage to keep it going long enough to make it.

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  1. Cassandra Cheyenne & Vivian Mixed In The Coronet ( All Three Of Them Take Turns Shooting This Video Them-Self’s) PIP / Pantyhose & Black Leather Strappy Sandals, Black & White Platform Wedge Sandals, Pink High Leather Strappy Sandals / 1080I MP4 HD

    It’s time to take the Coronet out for a spin and fill the tank up with gas Cassandra is behind the wheel as she struggles to get the Coronet started, it takes her close to three minutes to get the engine started, the engine didn’t try to catch until it started, all three of them take turns shooting this video at different times in this video. Cassandra is wearing a black leather jacket, leopard print dress, pantyhose, black leather strappy sandals.

    Cheyenne is sitting in the middle she shoots some of this video with a camcorder she’s wearing a black leather jacket, black dress,pantyhose, black & white leather wedge platform sandals. Vivian is wearing a black ruffled short sleeve vest, red,blue one piece dress w/ pink roses, pink leather strappy high heel sandals. Shish follows behind in the jeep you’ll see the jeep about halfway through the video.

    Now that Cassandra has the Coronet running she drives down the dirt road and makes a right turn she drives down the street to a local food-mart so the gas tank can be filled. Vivian shoots some whole body video as Cassandra fills the tank up. Cheyenne scoots over into the drivers seat she hopes she can drive the Coronet not today, after the gas tank gets filled up. Vivian gets behind the wheel it takes her about four or five tries doing a little bit of cranking and pumping of the Coronet’s gas pedal.

    Vivian makes a turn onto the street from the food- mart she doesn’t get that far when without any warning the engine dies on her, she pulls over to the side of the road trying to get the Coronet to start backup, it doesn’t. Vivian tires for about the next five minutes to get the engine started backup. Vivian and Cheyenne have this worried look on there face. Shish has the hood up and the air cowling lid is off, it looks like there could be a leak around the carburetor.

    It takes Vivian close to fifteen minutes to get the engine started back up, it dies on her a couple more times when she tries to shift into drive, she revs it hopping to clear out the carburetor of excess gas. Vivian holds the gas pedal all the way to the floor and she has to crank the engine giving it long cranks before she can get it started, she has to do this about three or four times, that and rev the hell out of it to make sure it stays running.

    Vivian drives the Coronet down to what might be the local high school time to shoot some videos. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Vivian has just parked the Coronet. The End. Vivian you Cheyenne and Cassandra did great shooting some of this video your-self’s. Shish your camera work great. Good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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