Scarlet is reluctant to take this piece of shit Coronet while Cassandra & Elizabeth are eager to drive around in this loud, old-school beast!  It takes a few tries for Cassandra to get it started and Scarlet uses the opportunity to express her disdain for this car.  Cassandra keeps working it with Elizabeth encouraging her and it FINALLY starts and Cassandra begins revving it, loving the sound it makes!  After a while, Elizabeth hops over to have her fun behind the wheel but first turns it off to see if she can easily start it.  With the engine warm ,it doesn’t take much to flood it and make it take a few tries to start again.  She then starts revving while encouraging Scarlet to come up and rev it.  Finally, Scarlet gives in to the peer pressure to rev it and as she’s revving it, she’s starting to enjoy it more and more.  Maybe Cassandra and Elizabeth are right, maybe this car isn’t so bad!