Cassandra & JEM Playing in the Monte Carlo in Boots

Cassandra & JEM Playing in the Monte Carlo in Boots

February 19th, 2016


What better way to show a new model how things go around here than to throw her into the fire?! Cassandra is going to show JEM how to try and subdue the Monte Carlo into submission and move it from where it’s parked. Of course, I up the difficulty level by making her have to back it out instead of just easily pulling forward. Gas fumes, smokey exhaust and dirt fill the air as these two girls crank, rev and spin the wheels!
Welcome to PTP, JEM! 😀

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  1. Cassandra & New Model Jem Mixed In The Monte-Carlo / Black Leather Boots & Brown Leather OTK Boots / 720 P MP4 HD

    It’s a nice day too show a new model the ropes. Cassandra is going to show PTP’S new model Jem on how to get the Monte-Carlo started and get it unstuck. The Monte-Carlo is parked off the driveway in the dirt there’s a tree to the left of the drivers door the house is to the right of the passenger door. As Shish comes around the corner he’s shooting whole body video as Cassandra and Jem are standing next to the Monte-Carlo. Cassandra is wearing a candy-stripe long sleeve shirt, denim jeans, black leather stiletto boots. Jem is wearing a green & black stripe long sleeve shirt w/ white mixed in, denim jeans, brown leather OTK leather boots.

    Cassandra gets behind the wheel Jem wants to watch and learn from Cassandra and see how she does it. Cassandra gets the Monte-Carlo’s engine started up pretty fast by using a combination rapid pumping of the gas pedal and holding it all the way to the floor, the engine sounds like it’s a little bit flooded, it takes Cassandra a few minutes revving the engine between trying to get the Monte-Carlo unstuck, the first few tries the left tire was spinning. Cassandra forgot to release the emergency brake lever now that she released it she tries to rock the Monte-Carlo back and forth, Cassandra Jem and Shish are talking back and forth

    With the left tire spinning so much it getting pretty hot smoke is coming from the tire that and the Monte-Carlo’s exhaust is belching smoke wile the engine sometimes coughs and backfires Shish goes to the other side to see if the right rear tire is spinning it hardly spins at all. After about a little over five minutes Shish has Cassandra and Jem switch places now Jem is going to give it a try, the engine still stalls on them quite a bit Cassandra and Jem have a hard time getting the engine to idle both ladies have to two foot it to keep the engine running.

    Jem is getting the hang of rocking the Monte-Carlo back and forth after close to five minutes Jem gets the Monte-Carlo unstuck. I’m not sure I think the Monte-Carlo might be on the driveway by now, both Cassandra and Jem change places Cassandra gets behind the wheel she tries to get the Monte-Carlo started back up, she has a little bit of trouble she gets the engine turned over, she has to shut the engine off someone pulls into the driveway. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Shish is talking to the man that pulled into the driveway. The End.

    Cassandra you and Jem did a great crank and unstuck video in the Monte-Carlo the both of you have sexy feet in those boots. Shish your camera work as always great. Good work all!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Jem welcome to PTP hope you like it here. 😀 😀

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