Cassandra & Laney Make a Panty Run in the Camaro

Cassandra & Laney Make a Panty Run in the Camaro

September 24th, 2015


Gotta head to the store to get some panties because Laney, well, she prefers going commando! Lol!  Cassandra drives first while Laney films.  Sorry that she doesn’t get any foot shots, it was her first time filming.  Laney drives on the way back and Cassandra is filming and getting some feet shots. 🙂  Just a casual video.

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  1. Cassandra & Laney Driving The Camaro Too Buy Panties For A Shoot With Laney / Black & Brown Flip Flops / 720 P WMV HD

    It’s a nice day Laney forgot to pack some panties she likes going commando so Cassandra and Laney drive to a near by store too buy some panties for Laney there going to drive the Z28 over to the store. Cassandra is wearing dark sun glasses, blue sleeveless top, tri colored pants, black flip flops, Laney is wearing a brown short sleeve top, brown shorts, brown flip flops. Laney is shooting the first part of the video as Cassandra gets behind the Z28 steering wheel it takes two tries to get the Z28 to start it fires up rally fast. Laney only gets whole body video as Cassandra walks to the Z28 and upper and only one footwell shot on the way to the store.

    Cassandra then shots video after they walk into the store. Laney picks out what panties shes going to buy, she drives the Z28 back to the house. Cassandra is is getting a mixture of upper and some footwell video as Laney drives back to the house. Laney and Cassandra talk through out the video, on the drive back to the house Laney pulls on the emergency brake lever thinking she forgot to release the emergency brake, she didn’t. Laney turns into the driveway and parks the Z28. As the PTP copyright logo pops up on the screen Laney picks up her shopping bag, there going to shoot some videos. The End.

    Laney you did a great job shooting the video to bad you didn’t get more footwell video of Cassandra’s feet, better luck next time. Cassandra your camera work is great. Good work all!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 P.S Cassandra you and Laney your feet look sexy in those flip flops.I forgot to add that in the post silly me. LoL 😛 😛

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