Samantha is already out in the car trying to get it started as Cassandra comes walking to the car. Cassandra gets in and watches while Samantha just keeps focusing on trying to start the car. Cassandra asks her how long she’s been out here doing this and Samantha replies, “For a while now.
Samantha keeps trying over and over and over before Cassandra puts her hand on Samantha’s right hand that is turning the key and tells her to give it a break. Samantha asks, “Do you think you can do better?” and gives up the drivers seat so Cassandra can give it a shot. They swap and Cassandra tells her you just have to man-handle it and goes to town pumping on the gas and cranking the car. She gets it started after a while, revs it up to clear it out and drives the few miles to the store.
Samantha is wearing black leather pants, purple Keds and a black leather jacket while Cassandra is wearing a maroon leather jacket, black leather pants and black slip-on Vans.