All 3 girls are leaving the same store but in their own car. They drove separately to town to meet up with each other and now, they’re heading home. We see Vivian first, getting into her old Bug to leave. She’s wearing black stiletto boots over her jeans, a black and white leather jacket and black leather gloves. She struggles for a bit before getting it to start.
Cassandra drove the Jeep and is wearing a black leather jacket, green leather-like jeans and black boots. She has the same problems as Vivian where the car wants to start but sputters and protests a little before finally firing up.
Lastly, Scarlet is in the Volvo and seems to have the least amount of trouble as her car starts up much quicker but it stalls on her as she’s pulling away…so, yeah, good feeling gone! She’s wearing a brown leather jacket, gloves, jeans and brown boots under her jeans.