Cherry Morgan & Dakota Charms Platform Flip Flops PP, 1 of 2

Cherry Morgan & Dakota Charms Platform Flip Flops PP, 1 of 2

March 18th, 2017


They’re heading out in their platform flip-flops and are taking the troublesome Monte Carlo. Dakota starts out first. She’s wearing the yellow pair of flip flops as she cranks, stalls, drives and even has some help from Cherry at one point, with Cherry turning the key and Dakota pumping the gas pedal.

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  1. Cherry & Dakota Crank & Drive The Monte-Carlo / Yellow & Blue Platform Flip Flops / 1080I MP4 HD / Clip 1 Of 2

    It’s a nice day to go for a drive in the Monte-Carlo Shish follows behind shooting whole body video as Dakota and Cherry walk to the car. Dakota gets behind the wheel she’s wearing a lite brown knitted cap, black sleeveless tank top, denim shorts, yellow platform flip flops. Cherry is wearing dark sun glasses, blue& red bra top & dress, blue platform flip flops. Shish gets in the back seat getting whole body video of both Dakota and Cherry mostly Dakota, you’ll have to turn the audio up in order to hear any sound for about the first 30 seconds, the audio is low.

    Dakota turns the ignition key with her right foot on the brake pedal the engine starts right up on the first try with no problem, that’s got to be a first for the Monte-Carlo. Dakota makes a left turn from the driveway, the drive goes without a hitch as the both of them talk back and fourth. Dakota goes down the street quite aways she drives down to the general area where models wood turn around in from of a rod iron gate where a black Labrador retriever would bark at them. Dakota stops and shifts into reverse so she can backup, she only backs up a few feet when the engine stalls on her she gets the engine started back up pretty fast, she shifts into reverse and and backs up again, the engine dies again.

    This time Dakota has to do a little cranking and pumping of the gas pedal with her sexy size 7.5 right foot, she gets the engine started and heads back to HQ. I’m not sure what happened next either the engine died as she turned into the driveway or she shut the engine off either way. Dakota is trying to get the engine started back up as Cherry is giving her pointers on cranking the engine for longer periods and to pump the gas pedal a little bit more. Cherry tries getting the engine to start by turning the ignition key from th passenger seat as Dakota pumps the gas pedal.

    Dakota gets the engine started Cherry tells her to keep revving the engine for about a minute. Dakota stops revving the engine she shifts into reverse and backs out of the driveway on to the street, the engine dies on her again at the end of the driveway, she gets the engine restarted and backs out on the street, the engine dies again when she gets on the street. Dakota shifts into park and restarts the engine pretty fast. As clip one is coming to an end Dakota gets the engine restarted, she shifts into drive and goes down the street a little bit and makes a right turn.

    Cherry doesn’t know where Dakota is driving them too we will have to wait and find out in clip two what adventure Dakota has in store for everyone. Until then pleasant dreams. 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

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